Oregon Cannabis Sales Go Up As Prices Go Down

2 years ago

Oregon Cannabis Sales Go Up As Prices Go Down



By: Free The Weed In Texas


Oregon Marijuana Sales Skyrocket Thanks to Low Prices. The state announced that they will sell around $543 million worth of cannabis in 2018, a 29 percent increase over the sales in 2017. The retail price of cannabis has decreased by more that 50 percent since 2015. While this is great for consumers, the margin continue to decrease for dispensaries in the market and if sales don't grow in step with falling prices some companies will go out of business.


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I recently experienced the crazy good prices and product in Oregon. The cartridges where the best I'd had (90% + THC) and also the best price! One place I went to had "Joint Friday" which had $1 pre-rolls. I bought one of every kind and realized that I had paid $14 for a half ounce of 14 grams of different strains already rolled for me!

The Oregon weed market is crazy cheap!

As a Budtender in Oregon, it blows my mind when people come in bitching about prices.

I talked to a grower the other day; she said pounds last year went for $2200, same stuff is going for $900 this year.



In Texas it’s like 3k