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I’ve been trying to get to know how much of post payout is directly attributable to content owners/authors since I joined the smoke network. I was able to get a breakdown from the whitepaper that 75% of post payouts will be shared between the Author and Curators, while 10% will be given to witnesses and 15% will go to all smoke power holders on the blockchain based on their SP size.

The only gray area that needed further clarification has to do with knowing what directly goes to the Author and what the Curators will share. So, I quickly checked the payouts that matured yesterday and today to monitor trends and came up with these facts;

  • Authors will earn about 60% of the total payout
  • Curators will share 15% of the total payout
  • Witnesses will earn 10% of the total payout
  • While the remaining 15% will be shared to all Smoke Power holders on the blockchain based on their holding

With the above, I hope you have been able to fully understand how the total payout is shared to ensure that all users on the blockchain earn at intervals.

Always remember that knowledge is freedom!!!
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Never know until now, thanks for the information, bless you so much.


God bless you too bro!

Whoa! This is really great and big thanks for the info.


You are always welcome Buddy!

This explains why the author payout is much lower than it is on steemit! Good post, thanks!


Yes... However, you have an edge on steemit as you will still earn from the 15% shared among all sp holders

This is detailed, will give it a resmoke. This will help newbies know how the platform works and get familiar with stuffs here, thanks for this


Thanks for the resmoke. We will always explore the smoke platform to project it's beautiful features

Nice so no one is left out out the reward pool, no wonder all payments go to the Smoke power, nice concept though


Very nice concept. This will ensure that everyone on the platform enjoys reward at intervals!

Wow. This is wonderful. I received a reward last night without any prior idea on how it is shared. I was thinking if it's just as it is shared on the steem blockchain too.


Its a little different from how the steem blockchain. What I love most about the platform is the 15% inflation shared to sp holders. This will ensure continuous increase in everyone's SP over time!

I see, I follow the right one.
Tonight I'll try a post.
A little hard, but that's the way it is.


Thanks for the compliment Phil!!!


With pleasure.
Nice to see that there are more people where to think like that.

Again.. I applaud you for sharing this with the members. Always a nice reminder of how the system works; especially if this is the first blogging blockchain you are on.

curious though... is there a time when it's best to upvote; like on the other platforms (you know steemit)?


Thanks, I'appreciate your thoughts on this. I'm not sure if a particular time of the day is best as upvoting is largely dependent on voting power....however, I believe its best to upvote posts before the value starts increasing.

Great information you got here...


Thanks Buddy, we all need all the info we can lay our hands on!

Displaying a planet earth for the witnesses seems kinda off.


If you look closely, you will see the witnesses positioned across the globe...I'm only trying to denote the connectivity function of witnesses.

I also checked WP more than once before I get how this work out, thanks for shielding more light @freedom.


You are welcome. We are learning more about the platform everyday and there is love in sharing!

Good post, resmoked :)

Were you high when you wrote this? 😂
Here is the whitepaper:
and it clearly states in page 30 how rewards are distributed.

Rewards are split 50% post author / 50% curator. By making this change we
incentivize holders to find and curate new and valuable content. Curators with
enough rewards should be incentivized to curate rather than sell votes to
Of all SMOKE created daily by the network:
75% go to the reward pool, which is split between authors and
15% of the new tokens are awarded to holders of SMOKE Power.
The remaining 10% pays for the witnesses to power the blockchain.
Reward payouts paid out as 100% vested Smoke Power.

Your picture is wrong, please correct it: in authors/curators it should be 37,5% author and 37,5% curator thats why writing a post or voting on a post has the same value and there is a big incentive to curate and not only write posts.


Nice observation you have there, but hey, I came up with this article being as practical as possible. What I get as content owner is definitely not 37.5%, I get between 50% and 60% and this was further tested on a couple of posts....if there is other metrics, I don't know yet and we all are just waiting to find out.

So, I quickly checked the payouts that matured yesterday and today to monitor trends and came up with these facts;

I'm always open to learning more, so if you have further explanation for the 75% split, kindly share!


You are right, you get around 50% of the post and the curator the others 50%, that makes 100%.
The 15% for SP holders and the 10% for witnesses don't show up on the post payout.
Thats why i say in your picture, it should be author 37,5% (instead of 60%) and curator 37,5% (instead of 15%) of all smoke generate in the blockchain.

Thanks. This helps a lot.