Win 10 SMOKE: Guess what we are going to make ;)

2 years ago

Hey all!

Guess what we are going to make!
Today was a good day to make some edibles. The First person who has it right wins 10 smoke (thanks to @mermaidvampire)

Haze out,

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Hash brownies Lol
Only see butter though so I might be wrong.

I'm not sure but, it looks like something I would enjoy whatever it is going to be I can tell you that😊 My guess would be some cookies?

You are going to make some Cannabis Butter and with that you can bake all kinds of pastry.

Though that was cheese, some "edible" fondue haha.

My guess would be brownies.

Will it be cake?? hehehe Ganja Cake.

Cannabutter for cannabis tea :D

Hi @haze

Please confirm if I won this giveaway. Just saw I received 10 SMOKE from you. Thank you very much for the wonderful gift :)

Keep on smoking!

No worries. Stay awesome! \m/


Perhaps you´re making brownies or muffins! Haze it away!

You're going to make something delicious, lol! Whatever it is it's a thumbs up!

I don't know. But it already looks good!! mmm. Butter? Cream Cheese? Some other soft cheese?

Butter + Weed=?.
May be something special and unique.