Up That Weeded Path We Tread Again

9 months ago

About 6 months ago, I started planting some weed - and no, I certainly did not plant it for recreational fun!

You see I started experimenting with different natural medication for my cancer, however buying cbd oils can be quite pricey, and I hardly have the right knowledge to produce it. But I just so happened to know someone who was making it, the problem was that there was still a drastic shortage of funds to buy the oil.

I ended up going to see the said oil-maker and we managed to strike up a bartering system, I would grow the weed and then swap the raw weed for the cbd oil.


Initially I planted quite a few seeds because I red that you would have to weed out the male plants as time goes by, and I was scared that I might not have enough to trade with, at the end of the day though I ended up with WAY TOO MUCH OF THE STUFF. Never the less I managed to trade the majority of it for the much needed medication.

However while I was growing (In my vegetable garden of course ) I started noticing that all the vegetables that were grown in the same beds that I was growing the weed in seemed to be in a much better state than the veggies that were growing on their own. And seeing that I have to plant again for the next barter, I decided that this time I would not just grow it in one section of the garden, as an experiment I have decided to spread it out a bit, and whenever I plant new veggies, I would plant some weed along side it.

Above you can see my pumpkin weed and below my corn weed.

And here in this last picture you can also see my onion weed

These are just a few of the established garden beds, there is also tomato weed, greenpepper weed, potato weed and carrot weed. I am not quite too sure how this time round will turn out, but I do look forward to writing about it and sharing with you guys as soon as harvest time comes around :D

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thanks for sharing your Experience

Its cool the plants of your vegatables, adopts the way the plants weeds also grow and they are all growing healthy. Nice experiment you have there. Hope you get well soon on your cancer!! 😊😊😊

I never thought of cannabis as being a companion plant, that's really interesting! It will be interesting to see if it affects the flavor of any of the veggies that you're growing with it.

Love it! And I'm so glad you're on Smoke.io