Making some RSO: Part 1

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4 months ago

What is RSO?

Some guy in Cannada got really fed up when doctors told him he had ran out of options for treating his cancer and decided to do something about it. He started out by smoking cannabis which made him feel better. He then went on to basically make cannabis oil which he used to heal his own cancer.
This almost sounds like something out of a movie, but from what I've read it must be true.

If you havn't watched this documentary then I urge you try watch it:

Here is a nice pic I got off instagram that explains the idea behind an RSO treatment for a cancer patient:

How to make RSO?

There are lots of questions around making RSO that the more advanced cannabis user will have:

  • What solvent should I use?
  • How can I safely purge the solvent without making my house explode.
  • Should I decarb before making my RSO?
  • How much is a dose?

Take with caution?

I was brave one night and decided to take what would be referred to as "heroic dose" of RSO. Fortunately I had some Xanax and Seroquel handy. Don't screw around with Edibles or with RSO even unless you have giant balls of steel. Also warn people who have never used cannabis when you give them RSO to try. Dose carefully and try little bits at a time. Don't be too confident about your tolerance to THC.

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Don't be too confident about your tolerance to THC.

Some great advice. Overdoing it on RSO can feel pretty horrible.


Taking too much RSO is pretty hardcore man, reminded me a bit of a bad LSD trip, but okay not even close as that bad, but yeah still something to be careful of.


Yeah, that feeling when the heart goes into overdrive is not so fun for sure. At least with an Acid trip you can smash some codeine or alcohol to get some grounding but on RSO I would be too scared to cross medicate while thinking I'm about to die...


Haha just lots of sugar and sleeping pills will do.
You can't die from excessive amounts of THC, but you can certainly feel like you are dying if you take enough.