Making RSO: Part 3

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4 months ago

Rick Simpson Oil:

Imagine you could make your own cancer treatment and evade having to fill your doctor's pockets with commission from selling you chemotherapy?

Well this might just be a reality. Remember that there are quite a few studies out there that are trying many different natural cures for cancer. One possible cure is THC which according to Rick Simpson has a 70% success rate. The other possible cure worth looking at is "Turkey Mushrooms".

I wrote two posts on the topic of RSO prior to this post. You can find them here:

Quality of Oil:

Something very few people are talking about is quality testing of oil. If you are making oil that could possibly heal someone, well then it better be of a really good quality.

Here is a rather interesting video I found of Rick Simpson discussing this very topic:

Something you should also take into mind is that if your oil causes someone to be sick, then you can get in a huge amount of trouble. It is probably a good idea to have some quality control in place, I also suggest that you always test a new batch on yourself before handing it someone else to use.

Testing My own oil:

I don't know how scientific this test is that Rick Simpson discusses on the video, but assuming it is scientific then I would suggest that you do this test with some of your oil. Possibly the lowest quality from the batch. Thus if you pass the test then your best quality oil in the batch would also pass.

I decided to do a second wash on some bud I used, I then did the test on the second wash and this was the results I got:

This is what my oil looks like a good batch:

Part 4

In part 4 of this article I will share my recipe and methodology for making RSO. I decarb my bud first and then do a slow double cook off to evaporate the ethanol from a fresh wash.


Btw since I last wrote a post I decided to run a witness. If you would like to vote for me that would be rather cool. I aim to run a pretty stable witness and contribute to the witness documentation for

You can vote for me here:

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I’m about to make a batch after vacation! I hope to read the rest by then.

Oh and congrats on the witness.


Btw my father in law has cancer and couldn't eat almost for months now. Well he could eat, but he'd throw up again. I made him some RSO which he has been taking for a week and he got his appetite back. Feels so good to know I could help him.


I suggest try make a small batch first. Safety first. Cooking off ethanol in an enclosed environment can kill you in many different ways :)
Try cook off ethanol at a low temperature or do it outside.

If you are gonna use the rice cooker like Rick Simpson did then you don't have to decarb.

I decarb at 110+C at 27minutes prior to doing a quick wash of ethanol.

Drink it down with coffee. Mix RSO into coffee, very nice way to get it in, don't take too much though. High doses of RSO can send you into a panic attack like any high dose of edibles.