Making RSO: Part 2

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4 months ago

What is RSO?

I made a previous post on making RSO. I thought I'd follow it up with another post filled with a bit more info. Let's quickly just go over the basic idea behind RSO:

Now take into mind this is an experimental treatment and from what I have it has a 70% success rate. Not sure if that is factual, but I guess it gives some people hope atleast. Take into mind RSO is not the only natural medicine that cures cancer.

Let's get a nice Simpsons reference to explain Rick Simpson's oil to us hehe:

What else can cure cancer?

There are quite a few natural medicines that can cure cancer.
I can only think of one right now, but this is one of the best stories I've heard that doesn't sound farfetched to me see here how this guy's mom got her breast cancer cured with Turkey Mushrooms:

So you wanna make RSO:

So we clearly have many people with cancer in need of RSO. How can we make it in a safe way and using the cleanest solvent possible that won't cause damage to someone who has cancer.

Just a thought to ponder on. Traditionally RSO makes use of Isopropyl alchol. Is this a good solvent to use that would be safe to give to people who have cancer?
I'm not sure if I am convinced. If you can use everclear or foodgrade Ethanol then I suggest you do that.

Here is an interesting reddit thread discussing the topic:


Be smart, don't make cannabis and smokers look like stupid people by doing things that can discredit cannabis. Do your homework and use your brain especially in the medical marijuana space.

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Yeah, don't burn down your home making RSO, lol


I have caused a flaming nugs to shoot across the room making BHO with butane once.


Same with making dab! Work outside people or atleast know what you are doing.


I use isopropyl alcohol when I make RSO, and a instapot. I think its pretty safe.

I do agree on that, If you are going to be making anything like this do it out side or in a well aired outed room and DO NOT SMOKE


Rick himself states he is not a scientist. He originally used food-grade naptha, which I personally consider just as bad as isopropyl.

Isopropyl Alcohol Causes Cumulative Tissue Damage

Skin, lungs, intestines, stomach, the damage accumulates.

It absorbs through skin, so is not recommended for topicals. It causes mouth, throat and lung irritation from the damage it causes. When ingested, it can cause headaches, nausea, stomach pain and more.

Washed/Purged/Vacuum-Purged It Does Not Matter

The truth from the labs says, iso extractions always test positive for iso. No matter how they're washed or cleaned, none of the known methods will remove all of the iso.

Serious about Healthy RSO?

Use ethanol or CO2 for your initial extraction. It's significantly cleaner and has no long term effects.

Go BE Awesome!! :D

For sure, to tell you the truth I smoke pot and I just realized and I don’t even get sick like I did when I was a kid before I started smoking. The only time I got sick was after a flu shot, so I don’t take any flu shots anymore, and everything seems fine, have not gotten sick for over a decade now, like I am very healthy!

Very high doses of Vitamin C aid in curing cancer as well. Like 10,000 mg a day. Our founding partner is curing his leukaemia with RSO and vitamin C