The Cannabis Croissant? Sign Me up Already!

5 months ago

There’s something marvelously sadistic about the UK. The country is like the gift that doesn’t stop giving. From one side there’s all the negative and the historically bad. From the other end it’s also the country which gave us Oscar Wilde, Doctor Who, and Father Ted.

Anybody who has spent some time in the UK knows that Brits have a marvelous sense of self-deprecating humor. There is no need to troll Brits, they take care of that themselves already.

The country which put OxBridge on the map, historic worldwide center of computing all while also being a Big Brother and nanny state. Land of the Magna Carta and habeas corpus and since last decade land without Magna Carta or habeas corpus but with Detention Without Charge. Finally rid of Jeremy Clarkson’s patronizing stereotypes but the country can not let go of Chris Evans’ as childish patronizing.

All to say that the #UK is a beautiful country of juxtapositions but with a generally great population. With an awesome sense of humor combined with a degree of proactive survivalism mixed with “s’en foutisme”. I have visited and lived in several countries and despite the rotten weather in the UK and the UK definitely not being the country highest on my list... it is the country I’ve taken most to over the years because of that awesome mix which generally leads to a great living atmosphere.

Brits find joy, or should we say joie de vivre in almost any situation.

As such it shouldn’t be any surprise that even in these times of impending doom, British Sugar and ridiculous MMJ regulation the Brits once again set a new standard.

The cannabis croissant

At the same time beating the French while at it, always a nice bonus touch to things. Although that may be more for myself as Flemish Belgian than most Brits may still remember the joy of trolling the French.

According to a British tabloid rag I would never admit having visited or read, a bakery in London has recently introduced the newest next big thing to soon grace the Instagram feed of hipsters united.

Move over kale, move over avocado toast here comes “Wellness Cafe” Glow Bar’s cannabis #croissant.

Vegan cannabis croissant.

In which the butter is replaced with CBD oil and each croissant is guaranteed to contain at least 5mg CBD.

“CBD croissants offer our customers a fun and delicious way to experiment with CBD and experience its benefits."

"We wanted to provide consumers with a non-alcoholic solution for overcoming social anxiety and raise awareness about hemp as a wellness supplement."
Sasha Sabapthay, founder Glow Bar

Cannabis, in food, as a remedy for social anxiety? The marketing pitch definitely sounds great but somehow I can not convince myself that it all won’t result in even more time spent on that small screen in order to get the perfect Instagram picture.

Get going with those filters already!

I don’t know about you but despite generally loving a nice buttery croissant, I can see some appeal in this treat even if it costs a whopping £7 a pop (a little more than $9 at going rate). It surely would be a great thing to introduce people to cannabis and #CBD with.

To let them experience that you don’t necessarily need to get high from cannabis.

This isn’t the Glow Bar’s first “exotic” venture. The location’s founder has travelled extensively between Malaysia, London and New York and is no stranger to sharing alternative remedies. The location, which also offers sauna sessions, has its own line of “adaptogenic elixirs” which help reduce stress.

Glow Bar founder Sasha Sabapathy

We are pretty sure that Sasha is on to something with her croissants if she wants to reduce stress. To me cannabis croissants sound perfect for the munchies.

Now just add Nutella. :D

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I love cannabis and all, not that much taste, soto be honest, ham and cheese in croissant make really good combination, and more nutritional one. CBD can always be taken differently. Nevertheless, I hope only for success to Sasha.


Sounds like a perfect zeitgeist thing. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is the next cronut.


Yeah, that is true. It is also good for overall promotion of cannabis.

Vegan cannabis croissant.

At first I was like o man I got to find a way to make this vegan.. Than I get to the end and bam it is VEGAN.. I love it well I really want to try it


You could also make it with cannabutter. 😆

I could definitely use one of these this morning. If i every make it to the UK in trying one!!!


Definitely seems better to dunk than donuts. :D

LOVE it. I am sure it is absolutely delicious and will smell in the kitchen amazing while we're cooking.


I like my croissants buttery so I would rather make them with cannabutter. But the idea is definitely great.

That seems a very yummy dish. My country, Pakistan, though very beautiful and have some very delicious dishes still lack these yummy items. Still a long way to go for us to get it legalized.

Now that's what I call an awesome breakfast mate, can't think of a better way to start the day. Oh maybe the second best way, Lol bong on bro. :-)


Wake and bake followed by a Nutella flavored canna-croissant. 👌

Omg they look so deliciuos i wanna make some bomb shit like that.

Oh I love this. I love this so much. I preffere edibles over smoking and If I ever get to live ina legalized country I would probably give up smoking so much and change to edibles So I love this idea and If I ever get to go there I will certenly try to find this. For me its worth the money. Resmoked.

Cool ! it must be delicious !!! :)

wow. love this