Tinture time making a larger batch

2 months ago

I am making a large batch of tincture this time

I normally make smaller batches of tincture. But over the last few months I been saving a little bit of my cannabis from each batch I have had and finally gather enough to make a large batch of tincture. I use tincture to help with pain control and to make chocolate and gummy edibles. I wrote out the recipe for a small batch of tincture before here. But today I am going to share the recipe for a larger batch. As for some doing the math to increase a recipe isn't as easy as it is for some as it is for other.

This is the recipe to make 30 ounces of tincture

This recipe will make 1,800 doses (medical dropper full). If you are in chronic pain and because decarboxing releases strong cannabis smells making larger batches might be more idea.


28 grams of ground decarbox cannabis
35 ounces of Everclear (you can use Vodka if you cannot obtain Everclear or want something not as strong)
A jar with a lid (Ball canning Jars are great)


Take your decarbox cannabis and put it in the jar.

Pour your Everclear or Vodka into the ball jar.


Screw the lid on tight and give it a good shake. Mix the alcohol real good then place the jar in a cool dark place for two weeks. Daily take it out and give it a good shake.


14 days later take a cheese cloth and strain the cannabis from the liquid. Then divide it into medcine bottles with droppers. You will have 30 ounces of tincture after it is done.


these last two photos is of the last bottle of my finished product from my last batch of tincture. Just enough medicine to get me through till my new batch is done

So this is how you make a larger batch of tincture

I hope this helps anyone wanting to know how to make a larger batch. And if you want to make a smaller batch the recipe link is up there in the first paragraph. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass.


Decarboxing cannabis is a process of heating it on low heat. For the best results grind your cannabis and place it on parchment paper. Place it in an oven at 230-245 drgrees (depending on elevation) for 45 minutes. This activates the THCA and CBDA and turns them into THC and CBD


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Looks great to see the finish product, I will try this with the vodka and see how it will taste. Thanks dear @tecnosgirl for sharing the recipe.

is it possible to make one of these without alcohol in it?


Yes you can use Vegetable Glycerin but it is nasty tasting IMO.

Thanks for sharing, let me try it☺😊

wowW amazing,
I love that one picture,
the picture is like buffalo dung..hahha