Making meds

27 days ago

Today I have been busy

I started off my day with errands, then came home and started working on my studio space. I finally have all the walls and ceilings up. Today I used some wood filler to seal the seams, so it looks like one solid piece. Tomorrow I will be prepping and priming and if there is time painting the studio too. I am really excited to be getting closer to finishing my space.

It is time to make more RSO

My friend that has Cancer that I have been making RSO for contacted me today to let me know he is down to his last two days of medication. So this evening I am making some RSO for him. I really do hope this helps cures him of his cancer. But if anything else it is helping ease the pain, helping him eat and sleep. So it is giving him a better quality of life while he fights. I have about and hour and a half left before it is RSO.


Figure since I am stinking up the house

I might as well make some Cannabutter. So I also decarbox some additional cannabis and trim to make up 5 lbs of butter. When in Rome go big or go home right? I also have about 2 hours before the Cannabutter is done. This too I am making up for a friend. We have a deal where he brings me the raw materials. I make the butter and then we split it. Great deal for me and since he can't make it where he lives because he lives in an apartment it is a perfect set up for him.


Amazing how I can be off work but busier than ever

The pandemic has my business shuttered. Been trying to reopen but without much luck. I have had 2 new bookings since I announced I was accepting booking again and have had 2 booking for October. But with the garden, building the studio, and helping friends I have found my time isn't as free as it once was. But hopefully once the studio is finished I have more free time again and hopefully having the studio space allows me to host some miny sessions so I can relaunch more successfully than I have so far. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, pass that shit.



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That’s a good deal on the canna butter. So how much plant material do you use for 4 pounds of butter? Is it all shake?


4 ounces of trim for 4 lbs of butter. I like super strong butter. I know a guy who uses a quarter of trim per pound. I been told my butter is too strong by novice users. But heavy users like I am love it.


Nice! You should look into Sunflower Lectin. It makes the cannabanoids more efficient.