A Friend made some edibles

29 days ago

He made what he has dubbed the big foot cookie

He made some peanut butter cookies and muffins infused with Cannabutter but then he made this huge cannacookie. This is a first for me to see a cannacookie so big. Apparently he even found a buyer today it and sold it for $25. I can't believe even with the size of the cookie that anyone would pay that much for a cookie. But there are people that will.


My buddy who made these

Was excited cause I told him I was gonna blog about his big cookie and insist I take a shit of the cookie next to his hand so you can see how big the cookie actually is. It was actually very comical how he said it and how excited he was to be apart of my blog post anonymously. I have beem trying to get him to join here but he doesn't care too much for the internet unless he is buying something off the Wish app. He is from an older generation and though he has adapted some what to technology unless he is forced to adapt more to it he won't. But loves that I blog about cannabis and how things are around here.


So he gave me a few muffins and cookies

They are pretty good, but of course he used the butter I made to make them. It has been raining today and my back spasms has been a bother and one of those muffins and a couple of hours later it kicking in has helped a lot. I am so glad I have friends that like to give away edibles to each other. Cause I do the same thing when I make yummy baked treats. It is nice when you have a group you can share with that way you are not the only one ever baking.

Till next time stoners

It's 4:20 somewhere so puff, puff, bogart that shit there's a pandemic going on and sharing is not caring right now. And don't forget our governments can't be trusted most as using this as an excuse to take more power. They do not care about us so we need to care about each other.



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I could so go for some edibles, spent my whole vacation trying to track down anything! Still waiting on a few deliveries smh even local seems to be sold out

I need that with some ganja to take out this early morning cold down here. Nicely made. Hope it has the Indica or sativa special recipe 😂😂


The Cannabutter was made with an Indica strain


Yeah that's what I'm talking about....

Momma used to make me cookies to take to school. Now she says "boy you ain't no kid no more, roll up some weed nigga"😂😂