A Canna-breakfast

4 months ago

So many ways to use Cannabutter

Many people think cookies or brownies when they think cannabutter but there is so many other uses for it than in baking. Today's breakfast a canna grilled English muffin with a fried hard egg and two full strips of bacon cut in half and a hashbrown. I make my own Cannabutter. I could buy it in the dispensary when I go but they want too much for it and mine does the job fairly well. Plus I do edibles pretty damn good and that just isn't a personal opinion everyone that has tried my edibles has said so.







How ever you use butter you can substitute Cannabutter for

It takes a good meal and turns it into an amazing one. Have you ever tried Cannabutter in other things than baking? If so what tell me in the comments below. Till next time stoners it's 4:20 somewhere so puff puff pass.



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I use it on cinnamon French toast. With sugar.


That sounds so yummy


Dude, that and what @tecnosgirl made sound amazing. When can I come over? LOL


If you are ever back state side and in the Midwest HMU, @relaylogix was once in my part of the world and stopped in and we had an awesome little smoke out and he left with some yummy treats too as I am nice to traveling guests.


Will definitely do! not that I think I'll ever be back in the USA what with all the needle-rape happening and whatnot.