"Grassroots" 50MG Capsules!

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8 months ago


I am a regular consumer of THC in high quantities, but this was the highest THC amount I have had the chance to consume in one shot. Edibles, to me were gummies, baked goods, butter...

In Pennsylvania (January 2020) it is only legal medically, and must be produced by Pennsylvanian growers. The other odd limitation is no "fun" edibles. They have to be in capsule form.

So this is what you get...

I have enjoyed the 5mg and the 10mg capsules for everyday use, but these 50's are for the people with a propensity toward the vegetative state. This pill will make you sit and sink. A sort of mental wash. I use them as a reset for life.

As a man of many projects, I tend to get overwhelmed with self-imposed deadlines and expectations. Occasionally, these little devils will allow me to not think about the plethora a projects. Well, to be honest, to not think at all.

I can't attest to these capsules in comparison to any other capsule over the 10mg mark, but I would imagine similar results. Pricey for a few as well. ($80 for 10)

Thanks for reading!

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The grassroots of couchlock . : ]


that's a fine description. Best when paired with screen-based marathons.


Sounds good to me : )