Sunday Morning Bliss...The French Way

last year


Can you say yum......

What we have here is my famous cinnamon sugar French toast. Topped off with some of the worlds finest #canna-butter. This makes a #Sunday #spiritual for me. This picture tells me it’s going to be a great day. Good #Morning

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You must have been in the winter snow storm path. Don't know what it is about snow storms and french toast but it is totally a thing....


We only got about 1-1/2 inches of snow. However, we won’t see double digits even for a high temperature today! So yes, warm French toast!

Looks great, how was it?


It was phenomenal. Well still is. Sets up the day perfectly.
The bite of cinnamon, the sweetness of sugar, richness of the egg, and the creamy canna-butter makes this a great winter treat!

French toast and cannabis butter, excellent way to start your day! Hope you had a good weekend!


It was blissful.