Video Tutorial: How To Make Cannabis Milk (Canna-milk).

4 months ago

Canna-milk is a milk made with tiger-nut and marijuana leaf. I used tiger-nut in other to get a milky natural drink. Either Sativa or Indica, any types of marijuana can be used for the Canna-milk. Firstly, I will like to talk about canna-milk benefit:

Most of us know the benefits of taking marijuana, in which helping body system to relax, help relieve anxiety, help in relieving some back or even body pains, relief seizure, kill cancels etc.

While Tiger-nut is full of nutritional contents like fiber, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, carbohydrates, zinc. It can help us cure erectile dysfunction, regulate blood pressure, prevent colon cancer and some other prevention.

How To Make Canna-Milk.

  • Fresh Tiger-nuts
  • Fresh or dried Marijuana leaves
  • Water
  • Squeezer net or strainer. (for the milk extraction)
  • Honey. (for preservation and taste.)

The Video Tutorial For Full Pratical.

  • Firstly, we need to pick and watch the tiger nuts, in other to afford stones and some other dirt that may be in it.
  • Wacth the marijuana, to clean up any dirt or stain that may be in it as well.
  • We will need a blender to blend them together (I used mortar and pestle in the video) and also we will add a little water to it while blending.
  • After the blending, we can now turn it into the squeezer net, which we will have placed in a bowl, and we will squeeze it to extract the milk out of it.
  • After the extraction, we can now add the honey into it and turn well. This honey has 2 works to do in this our milk, which the first one is to make it taste and also the honey is also good for preservation.
    We choose honey over sugar because of those 2 good benefits and also remember we are making it all natural.
  • We can now turn it into our container. You can as well refrigerate it for those that like chill drinks.
  • This can be used to entertain visitors, friends, enjoy after work, and also when we want to relax on our own.

Note: Everything I used in this video are old style, there are some tools like an electric blender, strainer which can make the work more easier and faster. But what matter most is that anyone can make and enjoy Cannabis milk, irrespectful of how rich or broke you are.
About the Author:
PrinceOla is the best name that suits me but calling me any other fancy names wouldn't kill me though. Aspirant criminologist but free minded by nature, cannactivist by writing. I don't know what connection I have with Pluto but I keep telling people that's where I stay, maybe because of the anonymity world we live in today. I am in still searching for my talent, who knows maybe you can help me find one. Thanks for stopping by!.
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I always wanted to make canna milk. Thanks for the recipe.


Go for it buddy. Thanks for stoping by.

Honestly, i have been thinking of a homemade canna beverage like this, im all in for a trial


Hahaha!. It nice you later found one, go give it a try bro. I am sure you will love it.

I might try a fusion of an energy drink if given the chance one day, lol! Can't imagine the result😁


Lol, you won't know until you give it a try. By trying something new is what make the world have so much foods of ours today.