PINTEREST MEETS POT: Pumpkin weed rice crispy treats

6 months ago

A friend sent this recipe last week and I went ahead and gave it a try!!


Start with 1/4 cup of butter


Heat the butter on LOW until it melts...


Make the 420 friendly by adding the cooking hash directly into the butter


One the butter and weed is thoroughly blended—add large marshmallows (this is a bag of 48 marshmallows).


One the marshmallows break all the way down it’s time to...


Mixing yellow and red food us orange! I wasn’t too successful with the coloring...


Add 6 cups of rice crispy cereal


Once the marshmallows, butter, and rice crispy treats are combined well, it’s time to form the pumpkins! And this is where it gets tricky...

The recipe gave a tip to use cooking oil to coat hands to help the rolling process. It worked at first but still got to sticky. So I had to wash my hands and reapply the cooking oil between each pumpkin.

I repeated it for 10 pumpkins.


Use mini rolos/mini Reese’s as stems.


Use green M&Ms as leaves.



Video to a Smashing Pumpkins gem:

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Makes my water mouth. I would love to try cooking aswell. But I'm afraid the smell will be too intense for my apartment and people might smell it. You should write down all the canna food you invented and write a Cann cook book.


Thanks @zuculuz! I have sooooo much to learn about cooking still but it definitely is fun! I get my tree already decarb’d so the smell when cooking is not overwhelming at all! But when I’ve had to decarb tree myself in the past, it definitely is a little bit more smelly! I hope you get an opportunity to play around with cooking cannabis! It is definitely a great time 😉

Oh WOW! That's awesome one @potspoon! I wonder how many balls of crispy rice you've consumed. It's so yummy looking!


I have been doing good @sarimanok and not eating to many! I have actually been able to give a lot of these as fun surprises! It makes the whole experience more rewarding 😊