The process of making cannabis infused oils that I use

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5 months ago

Since there were some folks interested in the way that I make my oil, here is the process.

I start with a good amount of trim from several different plants. Lots of small buds in there.
This is in glass baking pans with parchment paper to keep the pans from getting sticky. I re-use the paper.
Baked in the oven for 25 minutes at 240 degrees F
This part of the process is called decarboxylation, and it activates the THC.

Next, I put the material into 3 jars and cover with a mix of olive oil and coconut oil. It takes some mixing with a wooden spoon to get it mixed together. I only use enough oil to cover all the trim.
Then, the jars go into boiling water and simmer for 90 minutes on low heat. Make sure to keep the water level above the level of the oil in the jars.

Next, I use a bowl and a metal strainer to squeeze as much oil out of the material as I can.

The oil goes into a jar.

Time to have some on toast :) A spoonful is a good dose

Thanks for looking :)
Please feel free to ask me anything about this process.

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Seems like I nice way way to do it. I've never used a strainer but I have done cheese cloth or other filters that you can squeeze.


Using a coffee filter or cheesecloth does strain out the fine material better, for sure. I just use a metal strainer, since I`m not worried about a little fine stuff in my oil.

Love how easy the process that you use is. If, as you say, a 'spoonful' is a good dose, then it looks like it must be efficient too!

Resmoked for reference, for the when the time comes and I can at last grow my own again. I love the idea of having a supply of potent oil that I can use as a basis in cooking and for making sweets :)

Thank you 🔆

This is some quick and easy step. I love this and will try it. One question, did you use dry buds? or it is fresh from the farm? what do you think @technosgirl do you also add any other ingredients to your CBD oil?


Yes, this stuff is dried and cured.


This is a great way to do cannaoil or butter, the only difference I use is I decarb at 245 for 45 minutes. I make more tincture now days then I do butter, because tincture seems to last me longer, but I also just started growing my own, and I do plan to use the trim in different ways from oils, tincture, butter, and salves.


Oh great.. I just read about tincture and cannabuter here :

Thanks you so much


I use an alcohol for my tincture a 1 ml dropful of it works great for pain for hours. Works better for in the summer than the winter, so I have to double up on it in the winter months but this type of tincture is better than any opiate for pain I have ever had. And leaves me able to function. The tincture I make follows this basic decarb but then you just soak it in the alcohol for 14 days. Before straining the cannabis out of it. What you are left with is a very potent medicine that works.

Awesome guide. Nice job!



Nice, finally got a recipe for weed oil!! re smoking it, Thanks!!!

I LOVE making cannabis infused oils!!! So versatile!
Not only for culinary reasons but I use it to make my cannabis salve too.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I will definitely tag you when I attempt this!!!