TEA Time , Cannabis + Olive oil

2 years ago

good morning smokers , it's Tea Time ,

i need something to make me relax to start my day so i thought of Cannabis Tea , i like it
relaxing on the sofa , and such a nice day , but also a lonely day ,,,, thinking to my life ,

and at the moment i feel there is no need to think ! , just believe good things are on the way , there is always ups and downs , jut keep on!

however the tea will make me more relax , and that is double wonderful when i can share this time with you guys , love smoke.io and smokers
if you like pictures and it make you relax too fire it up ! heheh.....








see you next time!
i'll be happy to read your comments, i make digital art exclusive smoke.io

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#cannabis #teatime #life

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I like tea, its pretty cool if you need some rest at daytime, sadly I have no any buds to make it now, so I will smoke my joint :)


oh , your joint would be yummy too heheh


Yep, it was great, thanks

That tea looks like it was a delight t drink. Does it get you high?


it made me relax , not so high , :>
but it is very nice to me , i don't know you will love it or no ,
and i like to make it , feels good , beautiful leaves in the boiled water ,dancing, the color and the smell ,,mmmmhhh , heheh ,,


It sounds like something I would most definitely enjoy.


You'd probably get some of the terps?


I think you are right. It would probably stay in the tea. Cool. I have to try it once.


are you in drinking tea ? :>