Watermelon THC Gummies to Soothe the Brain

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9 months ago

Watermelon THC Gummies to Soothe the Brain

What's up Smokers? How are you doing today? I'm feeling like shit. Might be catching the cold that's been going around the office. Right now I've got a major headache, so I'm eating a few Watermelon THC Gummies.

Each package contains 10 gummies with 10 mg of THC each for a total of 100 mgs. They taste delicious and are one of my go-to choices for edible cannabis treats.

On Saturday Night I caught the band 'Star Kitchen'. It was an awesome show, but the music was very loud and I was right up next to the stage. That might be one of the reasons why I have a massive headache.... Regardless, these gummies will make me feel better!

Here's a clip from Star Kitchen:

Smoke Up!

and have a great day!

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Those look yummy. How do you not just eat the whole bag?


Sometimes I do.... hahaha

Curious how much those 10 gummies cost? Just trying to make sure I am staying comparable with the legal market in my price when I sell candy to my friends that I make.


packs go for $20 a pop for 100mg


Right on that means I have a great price compared to the legal market.

Wow, the first time i see such a thing i would try.

how delicious it looks that unfortunately in my country is prohibited


sorry to hear that dude!

Omg so yummy! I would eat the whole bag and be in real trouble haha


its hard to control myself haha

Cool!! :)