Edible Cannabis - The Rock Candy Experience - Made with King Tut Bubble Hash

7 months ago


Received a few Edible Cannabis Gifts from the holidays - peanut butter cookies (10mg), ginger snap cookies (10mg), brownie (150mg), and a bag of Cinnamon Rock Candies infused with Bubble Hash made from King Tutankhamon sativa strain trimmings.


Sampled a few of the the King Tutankhamon Edible Rock Candies this past weekend.

Quick Note About Edibles

Be careful with edible cannabis, lower tolerance users would most likely be comfortable with a 5-20mg THC edible, while a high tolerance cannabis user my require 80-150mg of THC for a similar effect. Going over the appropriate dosage may cause discomfort, or a trip to the hospital, so it's best to be careful and start low. This Cannabis Edibles post has more information. I'm not a doctor - be sure to consult the right people, and know your local laws.

King Tut Edible Bubble Hash Rock Candies (50mg)


The 50mg THC Each Edible Rock Candies were made with King Tutankhamon Bubble Hash.

King Tutankhamon Sativa Strain

The pungent and skunky King Tutankhamon sativa strain is a descendant of the AK-47 hybrid strain. The well known AK-47 strain is a hybrid blend of an Afghani Indica and a Thai Sativa. Solid creative energy with theses buds. Subtle dark fruit flavors, high in THC.


.. sativa-dominant effects, making it a great choice for social outings or creative stimulation. This strain has built a reputation for having high THC levels, and the flavor has hints of fresh fruit and flowers that make this beautiful bud fit for a king!

King Tutankhamon Bubble Hash

Buddy made bubble hash from the Tutankhamon small buds and leaf trimmings. Using multiple bubble hash bag filters, he ended up with multiple grades of bubble hash. Below is a picture of the highest grade - blonde bubble hash - getting close to pure trichomes. The hash gets darker as the grade gets lower - the lowest grade was used to make the edible rock candies.


Batch of King Tut Edible Rock Candies

When the batch of rock candies was made, 100mg of King Tut bubble hash was added to the mix for each candy that was to be made in the batch. Buddy figures the hash is about fifty percent THC, so 50% of 100mg is 50mg per candy. The calculations seemed in the ballpark. With the three candies that I ate, the strength of the buzz was similar to the 150mg brownie. Maybe situation, strain, or dosage discrepancy, but I did enjoy the King Tut Rock Candy effect the most.


The King Tut Edible Rock Candy Experience

This past Saturday, I ate three of the ~50mg edible Rock Candies, just after lunch. I made note of the time and the effects - whenever I thought of it. Wasn't sure what to cut from the notes, so I put them all in here. I was feeling the effects all afternoon and evening - solid body buzz and creative energy.

  • 1:20pm - Just finished eating lunch, then ate three ~50mg candies.

Tastes like the cinnamon sweet hearts from valentines, nice. The Rock Candy flakes easily enough with a little nibbling. On first bite you can taste and smell the King Tut bubble hash. You can see the black hash specks in the candy. Holding off on smoking until after the peak kicks in.

1 Hour After Eating Three Edible Rock Candies..

  • 2:27pm - Getting thirsty, can feel a subtle body buzz creeping in. Cheeks and around the mouth is getting numb, a little bit on the forehead. Scalp is getting tingling. Dry on the roof of the mouth, numbness is spreading down from the mouth to the throat, going to drink some water.

I found it helped keep the edible effects smooth by drinking water whenever I was thirsty.

  • 2:32pm - Can feel my heart rate is accelerating a little, thoughts are lightly starting to scatter, could be a touch of adrenaline kicking in. Shoulders are a little tense. Time for some tunes.


  • 3:00pm - Decent body buzz, the mind has calmed, no more skatter brain, just relaxing. Top of the head is a bit numb.

Two Hours After Eating Rock Candy Edibles..

  • 3:20pm - Feeling a little lazy, this feels like an in for the day or night kind of buzz. Fixing an energy drink, gonna chill out and watch some videos.
  • 3:52 - Very clear mind, like my mind doesn't feel high - just relaxed. It's that comfortable lazy feeling, the scalp and body is buzzing nicely. Face feeling warm, interesting feels across the shoulders - seem tight, like I want to stretch them out. if three hours is right, i should be approaching peak buzz time. This is a nice couch lock and lounge kind of buzz.

3 Hours After Eating Three Edible Rock Candies..

  • 4:20pm - Pretty sure the peak has come and gone now, I'm left with a nice and relaxed buzz. It feels like I just woke up from a long deep and refreshing sleep with no alarm going off - that well rested and fully relaxed buzzing feel. Face still feels a slightly numb, but only if i make note of it. Head buzz is good, all the nervous energy bursts have all chilled out. Now i'm figuring out what I want to smoke on to pancake this eventually diminishing buzz, but it's still a solid buzz. Despite the time, I'm in no hurry.


4 Hours After Eating Rock Candy Edibles..

  • 5:22pm - Still haven't gotten around to smoking yet, still enjoying this buzz, becoming energetic. Feeling boosts of energy, getting giddy. Another energy rush, i'm liking the tail end of this buzz better - it's that energy like just before a trip kicks off. Feeling like another adrenaline trip, maybe I'm just getting hungry. I've had the opposite of munchies this whole time.
  • 5:40pm - Munchies, but it has been a while since lunch, grabbed some dinner.

More than 6 Hours After Eating King Tut Edible Rock Candies..

  • 7:39pm - Still feeling a nice head buzz and good energy. Still haven't smoked yet, that's not like me. I can see how edibles would work perfect for someone trying to quit or cut back on smoking cannabis.
  • 9:40pm - I finally got a smoke in, this was a long lasting and pleasant buzz, still lightly feeling it.

Edible Rock Candy Experience Summary

An excellent creative energy - it was an all day feeling cozy, and enjoying whatever I was doing kind of buzz. Stayed in with the wood stove most of the day. The edible seemed to suppress the food appetite - and the cannabis smoking appetite. I dozed off a little too easily a little after 11PM - while watching a movie. Woke up on the couch with the sun already up, very well rested - going to be another good day.

Have a great day!

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Looks like some tasty edibles, and it sounds like they got the job done well!


The cinnamon flavor was a treat - it was a solid buzz that just wouldn't quit :)

yummy yummy yumm 😋 looks delicious


The flavor kept reminding me of valentine's day lol :) tasty

They are looking very yummy to eat. One must be careful not to consume too of those.


It was a solid buzz, i think one more of them might have hurt me. They were big candies, took me 10 mins or so to knaw through them. Those three had more than satisfied my sweet tooth, saving the rest for lazy days :)

Those candies look so good man, I want!

Oh my! Alone from its pink color, I could munch them like gummy bears. Delish pure!

wow in addition to looking great and inviting they made me want to prepare them at home, I hope to be able to do something decent

Wow. Those candy's sound really great. I only got the chance once to try edibles. A big ass cookie. But I don't know how strong it was but it did hit me. Those candies of yours look like a perfect stoner present for someone. I'll share it on my Twitter account. Do you have a Twitter so I can follow you?