My Trichome Experiment + Recipe of Crispy Canna Sweets (Edited)

8 months ago


(Updated/Edited Version)

Hey Guys!

I came back from Hungary the other day and I brought with me 1 Kilo of hemp seeds gotten from a Gen. Merchandise shop there... It is supposed to be bird´s food just like the sunflower seeds or any other seeds and corn cultivated by the farmers. The border of Hungary is Burgenland (Austria) and it´s also a farmer´s region for hemp cultivation. It is not to my knowing that Hungary also grows hemp so I am under the assumption that the seeds came from Burgenland since it is being cultivated there.



Leaves Of Cannabis And Its Types

When I trimmed the Green Poison the other day, I had to snip the leaves around the buds. These leaves have plenty of trichomes. As a fact, the trichomes (translucent crystal like substance) are the ones that contribute to the potency of a strain and if leaves get that amber colored trichomes as well as the pistils turning brown, then the buds are ready for harvest.

a. Fan leaves ... the slender leaves that are mostly used as the icon of cannabis. Fan leaf of indica is darker in color while that of the sativa is lighter in hues. It is said that these leaves have lesser cannabinoids, although they contribute favorable nutrients for wellness and of course for good health.

fan leaves of cannabis

b. Sugar Leaves ... they are the smaller leaves that surrounds the buds (below image) and are coated with white trichomes. Full of resin, they are sticky and they contribute to the potency of the strain and most importantly, they contain higher levels of cannabinoids as the fan leaves.

cover 2.jpg


And so I saved the sugar leaves of the Green Poison while I snipped the harvested buds. I gathered them and processed in the machine and dried them overnight. Afterwards, I pulverized them again in a blender so I could add those as fine ingredient for the white chocolate.









Here is the recipe:
Crispy Canna Sweets:


200 grams plain white chocolate
1 tablespoons of pulverized cannabis sugar leaves (instead of 2 tbsp I originally added)
2 tablespoons hemp seeds
2 tablespoons whipping cream


  1. Place the chocolate block in a casserole adding the whipping cream melting it under low fire... mix all the time so that the whipping cream blends with the chocolate. When fully melted and blended, add the ground leaves.

  2. In a pan under medium heat, roast the hemp seeds until slightly brown in color, add this to the mixture , mix well until the mixture becomes green from the pulverized leaves. Fill each silicon muffin form with 2 tablespoons of the chocolate mixture and let cool in the fridge until they become hard.

Be Careful

When I ate 1 piece of the sweets, it was very tricky because of the sweet chocolate, you may not be able to taste the cannabis content since the taste had been over-powered by the sugar of the chocolate. After 1 piece and 15 minutes I already felt the effect of the sweets. I felt the beginning of cerebral and body high slowly taking effect.

My fatal action of eating the 2nd one triggered a nausea, cannabis should actually stop it. After about 1 hour, I was out of my elements, I had to sit and let the effects worked on me. The problem was, the vomiting feeling grew and grew until I puked and almost didn´t get to the toilet on time. Good thing was I held a container in my hand on the first phase of letting it out... the vomiting was uncontrollable and I think I filled half of the small bucket! What I have eaten the whole day went drastically out. I never felt so bad with cannabis! This strain totally blew my mind. After the vomiting, I felt better. I slept early and the following day, I was ok except with a little tingle in the tummy.

What Caused My Stomach Emptying Disorder?

My problem was a disorder called "cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome", it is a marijuana induced vomiting.

What is it? It’s repeated cycles of nausea and vomiting, often accompanied by so-called “hot water bathing,” or a compulsive need to take hot showers. That’s because the hot showers — which sometimes last for hours — are the only thing that relieves their GI symptoms, though exactly why this happens isn’t entirely understood (but it’s thought to have something to do with the hot temperature’s effect on the part of the brain called the hypothalamus) Source.


**This is an "experimental composition"....the trichomes of the Green Poison are so potent, so be careful if you have gastrointestinal problems. The effect of this strain may differ from person to person. You should use 1 tablespoon of the ground sugar leaves only instead of 2 and try to eat a small portion until you are sure whether you can handle a bigger piece. **

Thanks for reading..... keep puffin´ for a high!


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PS. My Apologies !!! I erroneously clicked the post button when I was writing this which was published as an unfinished post hence, the updated/edited version... !!!

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the surface looks smooth, thanks to that silicon mold but the best-awaited part is how is the high? I'm curious what it does after a bite.
may I suggest to add nuts on it next time like walnuts and almonds... and have it paired with pineapple and passion fruit juice, lol!
smoke on!


Ok...that is to be considered when I make it next time. Although it might become an energy bar that might put you to sleep with the sugar leaves + all those nuts ...hahaha


I just can't imagine if it goes like rocky and melts in the mouth, I will never mind going nuts then in my sleep... hahaha!!!

I can't wait the result! I imagine the impact of the seeds and sugary buds together. The cookies itself look so delicious, how much more the taste.. @indaymers I want to fly fly in the sky coming in your place just to try the strain and cookies... If I only have a wings to fly!
How about your first bite? How does it feels? How your husband's feeling when you are eating together?
I am so happy for you @indaymers. This is the prize of taking care of them all.


This is just half of the post.. The story is still long and I accidentally pushed the "post button" while doing the draft.. the suspense comes in the 2nd part.


that might be the most awaited part, but I can't move on with the hush bands feeling with @lawlai, lol!


Wahahaha, you are right @dragonOx
No word enough to describe how much more when I taste it.

oohh.. laaa. laaa.. i would love to taste that , i think this one is the best way for me to try cannabis , through edibles.. especially the sweet ones. tingin pa lang sarap na , panu pa kaya sa tunay po hehe. the that pink cupcake container makes me love it more 😍 . thanks for sharing po

keep puffin and rockin 👌💚💚💚


I ate more than I was fatal..hahaha.. na high ako.. will tell you more on Part 2.. coming asap.

Awesome! So how was it? I bet you had a good time with those cupcakes! The seeds looks like my chia seeds. lol. I would like to bake more, but it's very scarce here knowing the prohibitions of course.


Chia seeds are tiny but once soaked they become bigger. These edibles are highly potent and one should be careful when consuming and do not dare to have more than one piece.


I'll take note on that. Thanks!

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Yeah, she´s a Filipina friend and she works in Saudi Arabia and it is too risky for her to receive the book as it might put her in prison. LOl! OK, I´ll message you in Discord.. Thanks

I'm late viewing your post @indaymers, but it's never too late to comment hahaha😊..i love eating cookies,this is so satisfying with me ..if only you can send me those cookies ..ohhhh 😊..

@unnamed...sorry, this is unfinished, I erroneously clicked the post button. I have to make it as Part 1...


Why sorry? Unnamed is not a cop or anything. I express my appreciation for a post with my vote (assuming I have VP). Beyond that everyone is free to post what they want. :)

As a stakeholder, one of many, I care about token value but I have only very few triggers (blatant offtopic “leeching” by not community members and plagiarism mostly). They mostly are because I want future businesses to see we’re a credible community they can build biz on.

I’m even going to tweet this. This is definitely ok as a stand-alone post and should be promoted too.


My goodness, I was panicking when I saw it got posted.. I was drafting it and I must have clicked the post button... I copied the whole unfinished post and wanted to delete it but then you , @acid and the others upsmoked the post already...too late! So I put a note for the Part 2..Lol! Many thanks.


If they work “Stand-alone”, which it seems this will do, then it’s totally fine to post in two parts. We are still in “building middle class” stage.

As long as VP can support it, there’s no reason why people shouldn’t split up a longer post. This is not a niche everyone has daily content for, so splitting up in 2 posts is A-OK.

Keep growing, #nopunintended.

... but then you , @acid and the others upsmoked the post

Yeah, the trail is starting to grow and starting to pack some oomph :D