Making A Sunday Canna-Smoothie + Recipe

11 months ago


Hola Tokers & Stoners!

Today Sunday morning, I made a canna-smoothie with simple ingredients that I have at home. I took some leaves from the Green Poison strain (own grow) and added them to the following:


5-6 fan cannabis leaves
1 banana
1 fig
1 apricot
1 glass fresh orange juice
1/2 glass mineral water - sparkling
1 tablespoon Stevia powder ( substitute.... if you are avoiding sugar)
Less than a handful or a bunch of cannabis strain of your choice ( do not grind). Here I used The harvested northern Light

Preparation time : 15 minutes

  1. I first blanched the cannabis leaves , preferably very quickly in boiling water, set aside.
  2. Add in the blender container ....the apricot (seed removed), fig , peeled banana, the canna leaves (you may or may not remove the stalk), stevia, orange juice and the mineral water.

Blend all the ingredients under high for about 1 minute, then pulse again til all ingredients are liquified. Adjust the sweetness of the smoothie according to your taste. Transfer into a container, add the lid and refrigerate for an hour or until the smoothie becomes cold and serve as refreshment on a hot day.

sm 1.jpg

sm 2.jpg

sm 3.jpg


sm 5.jpg

sm 6.jpg

sm 7.jpg

sm 8.jpg


The leaves of cannabis have many benefits to our body. Each leaf contains significant levels of vitamins and minerals , flavonoids, fiber and also a good source of protein. Next time you defoliate shouldn´t discard the leaves of your cannabis plants, the greener the leaves are, the better nutritional value they deliver.

sm 10.jpg

Thanks for reading and have a nice Sunday!

Keep puffin´ for a high!!!


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😍😍😍 . this is what i've been waiting from you po. yey! grabe!!! itsura pa lang pak na pak na, for sure sa lasa din .. and it looks really nutritious po. yum! would really love to try that. penge po please. hahaha. thanks for sharing this katakam takam na smoothie 😋👌💚💚💚


Now that you have the recipe...perhaps you can try it and who knows your friends might find some leaves for you..

Nothing better than Homegrown weed.


I absolutely agree!


Many people don’t agree with me. I’m all about Free weed.


You're both so lucky to have the right to grow your own cannabis 🙃


In my case ..that maybe true..but I am not supposed to let the plants have flowers... hehehe.. what the heck do they let all grow shops sell all those grow tents , lights and other materials .... growing is very relaxed here..

Wow! Wow! What is going on? Please send it me via SmS,, wahahaha, it's smoothie time, feel so heaven looking it. Feel so curious what will be my feeling after sipping it. So sad I tried moringa smoothie only with banana and I was looking for Bana Bana jejejeje. @indaymers it will add more more years to come in your life without pain.


Hahaha...I hope it will add more years of my existence on earth...Lololol! Banana is what makes this smoothie thicker abd yummy ..


O Bana Bana, @indaymers

Awesome... going to try this. Will retweet to 11,100 people.


Oh yeah.... hahaha... thanks and have a lovel Sunday!

can you make canna ice cream next time in cookies and cream with Chivas?

But that is an organic smoothie with a hint of a homegrown green poison is so perfect for a humid Sunday, what more I could say? lol!

smoke on!


Alright..maybe I'll try that next week because I had a marathon cooking and freezer downstairs is full. Thanks for the suggestion and for your visit..

Hey @indaymers it is great to show support but #cannaweedness is a witness account and shouldn't be tagged in these posts. Hopefully you recognize why.


Oh ok... I just saw that it's one of the tags used by another user..hehe and unnamed did curate most of my posts well as under the cannaweedness account.. he didn't say anything so I thought it is ok to use... at any rate I'll edit and remove the tag... sorry for the inconvenience that it might have caused.


I did curate most of your posts. And, as previously explained, cannaweedness trails my vote.

... he didn't say anything so I thought it is ok to use

I don’t always check the tags. The tag is not monitored 24/7, I just saw it has become a recent habit but I did mention something about it. Check your recent hemp fields post.

I have also requested not to use the tag and explained (twice) that cannaweedness does NOT run a curation for tag use program (IMHO that’s not ethical, it’s a very slick way of witness vote buying). The second time was a while back, probably few months even (unless that was a virtual reflection in my stoner head lol).

We do not want anyone to think that using the tag may result in an upsmoke, that can only create habits which may or may not be wrong. At the same time it may result in “holding the tag hostage” where people think we should upsmoke them for voting for us. That’s not what we want to be rated on, hopefully we do sufficient other work for the network to earn the witness vote without upsmoke.

The cannaweedness team does belong to the most active curators on the platform. We upsmoke daily, across multiple accounts. But we curate for content, and nugporn lol. Not for tag use.

When finding content become a challenge, we will consider whether we run a new “discovery” program and then announce. Complete with the tag we will follow for that. :)

On and forward... keep creating the content and more often than not we will discover it, curate it, and also share on the social accounts we manage. 🤘


Yes sir, I´ll make it short... undertood loud and clear! No more #cannaweedness tags in the future. Thanks a lot for the support on my contents. Cheers!

Delicious!!! 😋 😋 😋


Indeed.... thank you for dropping-by and cheers!

ho my thats awesome @indaymers you are now harvesting and enjoy...thAts all natural smoothies...

This is the fruit of your labor @indaymers, looks so healthy and yummy..i wanna taste it too☘️


Hehehe..wish you are here so you can taste this. Thanks

That's awesome @indaymers! Hmm I am reading the details of your recipe with other subs in mind. The leaf is just behind the fence discreetly hidden by our neighbor. My insomnia is bothering me again. Mr. "C" is the answer.


Just go for it !