Canna Vanilla Crescent Cookies + Recipe

6 months ago


Hey Guys!

It has now become chilly at nights as Fall is already here. My growing season has just ended and I am absolutely satisfied with the result of the harvest. When I trimmed the buds, I saved the sugar leaves, dried and pulverized them so I could use them to bake edibles. So here is one idea that I have tried which is adding this as ingredient to my cookies. You can read my post on how I made the sugar leaves here.

Canna Vanilla Crescent Cookies

Today, I am sharing how to make a traditional vanilla cookies that are normally baked during the Christmas season in Austria. These cookies are being loved by old and young alike because they are so delish. Here in this edition, I have enhanced the recipe by adding pulverized cannabis sugar leaves, those are the tiny leaves growing in between the flowers..In terms of real sugar, should you have some sugar issues, you can substitute this with Stevia. Although the all purpose-flour will still have some carbohydrates, you may also use whole wheat flour since it digests longer than the all purpose flour, thus avoiding the rise of sugar level quickly.


cutting sugar leaves.jpeg

The sugar leaves are full of trichomes and although they have lesser THC, they still add potency to the cookies baked. It can take an hour before the first cookie starts to digest and the effect being felt. The sugar leaves have a combination of indica and sativa strains.

puiölverized sugar leaves.jpeg

Canna Vanilla Crescent Cookies
Ingredients (makes about 48-50 pieces)

200 grams all Purpose Flour
1 tbsp canna sugar leaves
1 tbsp. coconuts flakes
100 grams ground walnuts 0r mixed ground nuts
50 grams confectioner´s sugar or 5 tablespoons stevia powder
1 Pack Vanilla sugar such as from Dr. Oetker
200 grams cold butter cut into small cubes
3 - 4 tablespoons skimmed milk (less fat)

confectioner´s sugar or sugar substitute to coat the cookies...




  1. Mix thoroughly flour and sugar followed by the nut mixture, coconut flakes and the canna sugar leaves. Add the cold butter cut into cubes and blend all ingredients using your hands to a smooth dough, add the milk so that the dough becomes soft and smooth and easy to handle.



2... Divide the dough into 5 parts ....rolling each into a long thumb-thick size portion then cut equally with a knife as big as the size of your thumbnail. roll the dough between your two palms to form a crescent shape cookies.



3...Place each formed dough on a baking pan lined with baking paper, and arrange them in rows... bake in a preheated oven of 180°C for about 15 minutes... remove and place on a platter and coat the cookies with sugar ... if necessary, add more confectioner´s sugar to coat when they cool down..




4.... When the cookies have cooled down, place these in a cookie jar or tin can and cover... they will become softer a couple of days after. These cookies can also be frozen so it is possible to make them in advance. Thaw about an hour before serving.


I tried about 6 cookies together with a cup of tea. After about an hour the effect of the cookies was good, was relaxing and one could feel a mellow head spin which will lead you to stay at the couch. The legs tingle for a while but will become lesser once you are seated and legs are relaxed on the couch. I would recommend that you try this in the late afternoon or early evening for relaxation.

I hope you will try my cookies and give me a feedback. It is very easy to make even if you do not have baking experience. These are the fave cookies that even kids can make.

Happy Sunday, meanwhile.....

...keep puffin´ for a high!


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Oh my oh my...damn you growers, always have nice herby spice to work with!
Me, I just smoke it.


Hahaha... Happy Sunday my friend! Yeah, that´s something nice about growing, you get to have other possibilities of incorporating every part of the weed plant in some ideas. Thank you.

Amazing! That picture of you clipping your bud...oh man! It makes my mouth water and stomach get butterflies. I hope I have home growns in the very. very. near future.


Simply try growing in a pot... a sunny window could be a start.. I am sure you will love it, let alone the fun to see the seed you sow are showing the green leaf in the beginning.

What a kind of species you are on earth @indaymers? You are multi talented human I ever know. Is this the result of being a smoker jejejeje, so jealous with your mouth watering crescent cookies. Please do not eat a lot like before. It made you sleep 72 hours wahahaha.
Anyway nice so nice... I wanna grow cannabis and wish for


Lol, yeah you are right!!! I tend to eat because the cookies are delish... hubbz ate 6 yesterday and was complaining his head had been spinning..hahaha.. you can't just stop eating them because each piece is simply delish.... thanks for a lovely comment.

wowoweee!!! i'll surely love this po. especially kasi parang tinapay siya or biscuit . adik ako diyan. plus the kick of canna!! ay! superb! love how you presented it po and the photos as always.. chef na , photographer pa.. canna grower pa! oh i so love to be your neighbor po!!! you really rock!!!

keep making us proud and amaze po
keep rockin' and puffin' 👌💚💚💚


Hello @zephalexia dear, nice to see you around commenting again. LOL, if my right eye would have been normal, I might still improve the photography here....they found out in my last clinic visit that the cornea is still not healing properly, so they've put in a new therapeutic lens... hmmmm hoping the eye would be ok now.

OmG!, how I wish I have those productions and be able to create all the sweetiest sweets in life, and post it here and make you envious @indaymers but it's the real opposite here, HAHAHA...
Smoke on!


Oh I am sure you can make your sweetest sweets now if you like..take time for especial moments like things you'd always wanted to now have so much time. You achieved so many things in is the time to go back to you culinary roots and present something scrumptious!


yeah, actually I am polishing a recipe for a brownie twirl, not the usual dry brownies but of an ice cream cake with a hint of Hennessey on it soon, it'll be out.


I am sure of that will be a hit ! Takec some pics. I 'd like to see it!


yeah, I will sooner.

Hmmm quite simple but the biggest problem is the main ingredient. lol..maybe one of these days.


Indeed, you should go underground, maybe you could get your main ingredients from some farmers... I am sure some of them have weed plants somewhere in the bukid.


Yeah, when the 'weather' is cool', I still have half tsp left but i'll reserve that for my choco ice cream.

Mmmmm yummy in my tummy


Yeah...hmmmm, you should try this just have to mix all ingredients and shape them form... thanks for dropping-by.

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