Magical butter - Making Medical CannOliveOil

5 months ago

Over Here at HighRoadSeeds we encourage all medical cannabis patients to learn how to make your own infused products.

Here is one of our grofriends demonstrating how to use an extraction tool called Magical Butter to make infused Cannabis Olive Oil.

Knowledge builds a strong cannabis community.


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Now, If you don't mind me asking. How much is that amount of cannabis. $$$$$ and How Much THC? Just wondering if any one knew?


@prettynicevideo i've update the video, youtube messed up my first upload

  • the recipe ¼-½ ounce/7-14 g cannabis, decarbed
    my grofriend used 7 grams in this video, I filmed and later did the editing and such
    had a blast doing it


Thank you very much!

nice tutorial! butter is the best output base for edibles!!
peace harimbadl


@harimbadl what you use as a base to infuse it a matter of preference and usage - here since the cannabis was decarbed first, the olive oil extraction can be used a a base for a salad dressing. or just as a condiment added to food that will medicate you. while almost everyone loves a sweet infused treat/medication, lets look at the approach of providing a way to make an infused meal where canna - butter, coconut oil and tinctures are infused into foods - keeps it interesting