Sacramental space cake

20 days ago

Space cake.jpg

Thank God is Friday, also a holiday here. my friends will be coming over.....There's no bread let them eat cake. so i assembled the necessary supplies to make the space thirty(30) minutes.. I'M DONE BAKING
Well, have to say this, space cakes are edibles, don't forget to remember edibles high are way too potent than smoking......So please if you are a newbie, eat with caution and eat a little at a time. Don't rush the cake!
I get really happy when I'm eating that cake..

                                                       CAKE LIFE

I Thought the world was a sugar cake
Things changed bitter sweet
Welcome to heartbreak!
They say every task you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake
If truth be told
The pain is too much for me to take
I need cannabis to cure the spirits ache
All hands on deck
so much is at stake
I don't want to make the same mistake
So i try to keep my dreams awake
My body asleep
Eyes open till the morning break
Bigup stoners !
We could change the world for goodness sake!
The feeling of a friend is hard to fake
Don't forget to remember
Life is beyond just a piece of cake
Stay strong man_ no sense crying over every mistake

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no no no dear, I don't forget eat space cake with ..................ha ha ha


once bitten twice shy