SMOKE Log: Making More Cannabutter and Cannabis Salve

last year

The other morning, as it snowed non-stop outside, I was nestled indoors making more cannabutter (see my recipe here) and some more cannabis salve (see that recipe here).

A family member who has been suffering from some ailments, sore calves and muscles asked me last month to try my cannabis salve, and over this past weekend she called to ask for another tin. I was running low on my salve (both the regular and heat cannabis salve) so Wednesday seemed to be the perfect day to get the cooking done so I could restock my inventory.

I have over four gallons of trim in my grow room and I need to start using some of it up. Not sure if trim goes stale or bad, but I use it all as quick as I can because my next harvest is in week 3 of flowering and that means I'll be adding a minimum of another gallon container (if not more) in another 5-6 weeks.

Salve ingredients melting in a double boiler set up on the stove (on the right) and the tins filled with the just melted salve ingredients (on the left).

I have been religiously using this salve on my upper back, neck and shoulder areas for the last five months (ever since my auto collision) and let me tell you... the relief I get is nothing compared to what the doctor has been prescribing for inflammation, pain and soreness.

While the beeswax, coconut oil and cannabis oil all fused together for the salve, I got the homemade butter slowly melting in another pot and added the cannabis trim to make cannabutter.

Two weeks ago I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies for hubby to share with others and I hadn't realized how low my cannabutter supply had dwindled down.

So now the cannabutter has stiffened up and is ready for the freezer. I usually try to measure out the cannabutter in 1/4-cup amounts to freeze; as most of the recipes I make with it call for 1/4, 1/2 or one-cup. I will also make a few balls in the measurement of teaspoons for when I need a smaller amount.

Usually I only let the cannabutter simmer for about a a half hour or so, but this time I let it go for three hours. I'm hoping the added time to infuse will result in a stronger strength cannabutter.






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I would like to give this a go one day, looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing, bong on. :-)

Good job! I´ll surely keep your procedures in making your cannabutter for later use...

I've never made a salve before, IL definitely be checking your recipe and see what I can come up with.

I make RSO and the bit that stays behind in the pyrex is then cooked up with coconut oil till there is nothing sticking to the pyrex anymore. I guess you could just use that in combination with the tea tree oil and essential oils. Btw nice salve recipe.