Round 3: Cannabis-Infused Gummy Candy Attempt- WE HAVE A Success Story Today!

9 months ago

The other day you may remember I attempted not once, but twice, trying to make some homemade cannabis-infused gummy candy. Sadly, it was an epic fail for mold structure but the potency of the candy was spot on! So this morning as the sun crested the horizon, I gathered up the ingredients and got to work.

You can see the original post and recipe here.

All the ingredients lined up and ready. Temperature at the appropriate 120-degrees.

Yesterday I stopped at a local Goodwill/Salvation Army store and found two silicone molds that were larger than the ones I used the other day. I let them freeze for about an hour before preparing the gummy candy mixture and I sprayed them with some coconut oil cooking spray. I'm hoping this will remedy the removal of the candy from the molds; which was a horrible situation the other day.

Final Result

I have perfected the recipe!

I have the ingredients written down after tweaking and I am satisfied with the results. This batch, as you can see, had one of the tea bags leak so that's why you can see some little dark specks in the gummy candy. But that okay! I tested one for potency and they are AWESOME! Just the right amount of THC in each candy.

Now to make the fourth batch, making sure the tea bag doesn't leak, and I can say I have had a successful edibles day.

These have just the right amount of gummy textures, chewy yet very pliable and soft. The cranberry grape adds just the hint of sweetness without being too much and the effects of the THC is being felt within five minutes of consuming. Love being a taste-tester for my own creations.



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Nice project, i wish i could eat some of this. ;-)


Just finished another batch- without ANY issues of tea leakage! This one is perfect!

Apple juice this time

it truly is third time's the charm!


Sure is!! I'm just glad I figured it out

Yummy Gummy :)

Wow! And it is a success too! CONGRATULATIONS! Would love to try it!


Thank you!! I did sample one and pretty dang good! Hubby is already showing pictures at work (hopefully taking some orders too!)

Yummy! You could start an online cannabis edibles business , I guess it would be a success too 😀

Btw how much THC in one servings ? And how many calories per serving 😜(for people concerned about diet 😄)


For the THC per serving... I can't rightly say. I used my homemade cannabis tincture. I'll have to get it tested one day. I know there's a place within a two hour drive of us and I've often wondered the same thing.

Calories- guess according to the gelatin, juice and other ingredients, I would have to guess less than 10 calories each

Yay gummy candy success! Your gummies look great, love the bunny mold too..or is that a kitty?


It's a bunny.
They are a complete success too- thrilled beyond words

Wow, if you are near to me, i will take that gummy Candy and make me high. You are so creative, salute you there.