One Text Message: 54 Edibles Later

11 days ago


The other day I was in the grocery store when I received a text from my husband; which in itself is not unusual, but what appeared on my phone screen was unusual.

This is the image that came up when I opened the text message. He had gotten orders from people at his workplace.


How many did I need?
Each number represents a two-pack of goodies! I had some baking ahead of me!

I grabbed some flour, chocolate chips and other necessary ingredients I knew I was running low on at home and quickly checked out.

I needed to bake like there was no tomorrow!

At home I set to gathering the rest of the ingredients and my shake jar as well as some of my THC covered trim bag and got to work.

First up was the easy recipe... the brownies!

I made three Betty Crocker packages of brownie mix and tossed in the cut up trim and shake and got those babies in the oven.

While the brownies are a classic recipe and requested frequently, my chocolate chip cookie bars have recently become a more favored edible among many of the guys.

I ended up with enough for the order, with four extra packages (three cookie bars and one brownie). I sent my husband to work this morning with a 13-gallon garbage bags full of these goodies. I told him I should buy one of those red velvet Santa Clause bag for him to start handing out the goodies.

The odd (but awesome) thing is about the above pictured list, is that four of the people who ordered are new donors/customers. Hubby keeps telling me I have a gold mine here with my edibles. I don't skimp on the shake and trim used when making my edibles either. I want to make sure everyone gets the best of the best from me.

Nice Little Side Gig

On average over the last few months, I have been raking in over $700/USD (worth of tips and thank you's) a month for my edibles. After figuring out the cost to make all the edibles, I have been making a solid profit.


Image Banner by @mrspacely






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Love my accidental candy business. I made a bunch of tinctured candies for my friends for Christmas and it has turned into a nice little side income. It is why I can afford to go see the chiropractor that is changing my life, he has relieved the nerve pain getting the disk off the nerves. Glad to see your business doing good.


Just watch your self selling them,


I will

Sharing is Caring 😋
My second edibles article before 7am...
I hungry Those cookie bars look SWEEEEET.
One of those and a nap is what I need in my life right about now 😆

I need those to munch for my back pain.. go for it! Didn't you mention before you were to make a cannabis farm? I remember I said I will apply as your accountant, hehehe

I do love the weed brownies.. I used to make cupcakes with brownie batter.. I'd add a mini candy bar cut in half on each side and a mini marshmallow on the other 2 sides.. bake as normal.. 🔥🔥🔥

Watch your self selling edibles that is for sure, Just got me in a lot of trouble selling them this past year... actually spent 2 months in jail for it.


She is in a legal area so I doubt she has much to worry about as her state allows people to donate to each other.


Ah thats good, here you apparently need to be health canada approved if not it is jail time


That is messed up


The Trudeau Cannabis Nazi Gestapo is worse than ever. They will crush you like a bug if you don’t have a Health Canada licence and spray your weed with toxic myclobutanil.... the Canopy Growth fungicide that is killing lots of kids.