Edibles- Cannabis-Infused Ground Burger Jerky Bites & Nuggets

6 months ago

The other day I made some regular burger jerky bites and, of course, my husband asked me if there was a way to make them with cannabis. And me being me, was determined to do just that. So the other evening I defrosted some ground burger from the quarter of a cow we purchased few months ago and mixed up the seasonings I purchased from the deer processing store and let it marinate overnight.

Here is the original post for the regular burger jerky bites I made

So this morning he took six samples to his friends.

They love the gummy candy I made earlier this week and the people who sampled the product said the high lasted for about 2-3 hours. Which I was thrilled with.

So now today I wait until he gets home from work to see if the jerky bites are a success. I did sample the gummy candy (for quality control purposes and all that), but I hadn't sampled the jerky bites; so fingers crossed for another edibles success story.

I knew someone years ago who would use venison ground burger to make homemade jerky rolls (as she called them) and once I had some of the seasoning mix, I knew exactly what I wanted to try- Burger Jerky! Hubby was skeptical... until he sampled a piece the other night.

I will admit I was concerned about the consistency and texture of the dried burger in a jerky form; but much to my surprise and pleasure, it was unbelievable!

It was a combined texture of summer sausage and a pepperoni stick you'd buy at the store. You couldn't even tell it was burger unless you were told.

In the glass jar with the white lid is the regular jerky bites/rolls I made the other day

The following day, after the meat had marinated the instructions recommended 24-hours,I used a gallon size baggie, snipped off some of the corner, and used it like a cake decorator would. I squeezed bite size pieces on the a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet and set my oven to 200-degrees. Normally I would use my dehydrator to make jerky, but the temperature control on my dehydrator model only reaches 175-degrees; and burger jerky needs to cook at 200-degrees.

Once the oven was preheated to 200, I placed the jerky filled cookie sheet in the oven and let it cook for just over two hours. The internal temperature needed to reach 175/180-degrees.

NOTE- The seasoning packet instructions called for the seasonings and 1/4 cup of water- which I replaced the water with my homemade cannabis infused oil. The seasonings amount remained the same.






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Wait.....what???? You are a mitten gem Dawne. You belong on a plaque.

I just sent this recipe to @boogeytheman 's hooman as he is a culinary guy. I look forward to seeing what he thinks.

What a wonder @goldendawne ! you do alchemy with the food and cannabis. Surely those burgers were delicious. Healthy envy gives me hahaha. Great job!

Yum. Ha ha .... yeah there is always a way to add a little Cannabis to everything.

Have some cannabis and munchies at the same time, how delicious is that. You have me salivating, yum. Bong on. :-)

Look so great , I will try your recipe as I am sure will be so delicious.

Looks tasty nuggets with healing properties from cannabis oil, I guess.

wooow))I knew that hemp can be used not only for smoking. but I did not expect such a recipe.

Man I can demolish jerky, it's so expensive in the packs though :(

wow. its a mixer.

Wow, you're getting super creative with your oils!

I'm sure this will turn out well, it does look delicious already! now im hungry but thankfully it's lunch time..

I am vegan but this looks so delicious...
Remembering my carnivorous days... xD
Smoke on!