Canna-Cornbread Request? Sure! Why Not!

3 months ago

Some of you may remember last week when I made some banana chocolate chip muffins and Mr Golden D took them for his buddies at work.

Well... he had not only a repeat buyer two days in a row... but he also got a special request from the same guy... Cornbread muffins!

Sure... why not!

I mean, how difficult could it be? And since I had a new (for me... bought at a thrift store) coffee bean grinder (for larger amounts of cannabis for culinary purposes), I knew I could whip these muffins up lickety-split!

Follow the directions on the box; but replace half the requested milk with 3-tablespoon of softened canna-butter. Chop or grind the cannabis bud and add AFTER you have mixed up the regular cornbread mixture.

I added 2-ounces of ground up cannabis to the batter because as you can see (image on the right) these is not the normal sized muffin/cupcake tin. This is an over-sized muffin tray. Basically it's like getting two muffins in one. I did use two boxes of the cornbread mixture and I ended up with six HUGE muffins.







Image Banner by @mrspacely

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Omg! Now's here the king of muffins, Delicious cakes.. I guess all the 6 can knock me out haha!

great recipe, they look lovely! :)