Baking For The "Guys"- Having A Steady Income & Growing Consumer Base

7 months ago

To say I love making edibles is an understatement. To say I don't revel in all the trim, shake and cannabis stems would be a lie. Knowing I can use my love for all things cannabis to make some extra cash is a just a bonus!


Over the last six months or so, there's been a flurry of activity in the kitchen as I fill orders for chocolate chip cookie bars, blueberry muffins and brownies for the guys that are my husband's co-workers.

Honestly I want to stretch my baking of edibles further than these three, but these are the trio that is most requested. I mean, I have a pantry full of baking items; white chocolate baking bars, milk chocolate baking bars, coconut, a wide array of nuts (pecans, almonds, macadamia) and I'd love to experiment with some chocolate candy treats; perhaps candy bark with pretzels, my cannabis infused caramel sauce and more.

With the holidays quickly approaching, I will be doing just that. Sure I'll continue making the mainstay and favored edibles, but it's time for a change and to offer some variety.

In the attempt to provide the best possible product to those requesting or in need, I have been tweaking the way I crumble the shake and trim in my recipes.

In the past, my usual way to chop up the shake for edibles was using a knife and chopping, mincing and making the cannabis pieces as small as possible. But a month ago, I started using my coffee bean grinder. It was perfect!

The grinder chopped up the small shake buds and trim to perfection; all the while leaving a few bits of the trim larger; so you could actually see them in the batter I was preparing.

By using the grinder I was able to distribute the cannabis more; giving every bar, muffin and edible a better overall infusion of the cannabis.

And the reviews have been coming in as awesome. I've gained a few more new customers after word spread about the potency of the edibles.

So much that now my monthly side hustle income has grown from about $700 up to $850/ give or take. This little rainy day fund has been happily welcome in the household.


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I am hoping I land a few new edible customers soon as I know word is getting around about the potency of mine. It is a good feeling for people to say it is the best they have had or one of the best. Last night a friend gave me a brownie and I ate a big dose and he was freaking out and I told him I will eat this whole thing and be fine. I did and was perfectly fine. Not bad side effects and slept soundly.


Glad you were able to sleep so well! I swear, ever since the time change last weekend, I have been restless.

All look delish, would love to try one and I am sure a lot of orders will come your way. Wishing the business thrives so I could offer you my service in return for a sample piece... just joking! Cheers!


Every time i make a new batch, I get one or two new customers- giving me some hope for holiday sales coming up soon.

Yeah too bad you cant sample them! The reviews have ALL been positive!

so many votes in just 21 minutes ..awesome


lol- thanks!!

Have you ever thought of using infused oil or butter for more even dosing throughout your beautiful baked goods?

They have all looked fabulous!


Oh yes. I make my own butter which I turn into canna-butter. I also have infused cannabis oil I made that I use to make a salve for pain relief.

I would love to drop by your place at least once a week, just to say hello, Lol. They look yummy.


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