And That's How The Cookie Crumbles... To Make Shake Brownies

last year

The other day I made a double batch of my cannabis chocolate chip cookies and I purposely set aside four cookies as a reserve because tomorrow (Saturday) is my husband's annual golf outing and event for charity through his employer.

Last year was a record year (and only the fifth annual golf charity fundraiser for local scholarships at some small school districts in this rural area of the world) and they raised over $400k from this event. So I'm anxious to see what this year's event will provide to the schools and students!

I took the cookies, cut them up and crumbled them to add to a brownie mix for special treat for some of my hubby's friends at the golf outing.

Weather ALERT It is supposed to be 99-degrees tomorrow here with a heat index of 110. We're under heat warnings, not an advisory, until Sunday.

So now I'm thinking of making up some lemonade for our Yeti cooler and adding some cannabis tincture too. I'm a lemonade freak of nature ever since I gave up soda pop a few months ago. I went cold turkey!

I purchased some really cool cannabis leaf stickers from an Etsy store a few weeks ago and used them on this glass jar (with a lid SO DANG airtight I could barely get it off to transfer my Indica shake to it). I just wanted to show it off in this post!

I used about four ounces of my Indica shake and good trim and added to the brownie mixture too. After all, the cookies will have enough punch to them, but I'm going for the ultimate effect here.







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