151-Proof EverClear Tincture Request & Planning On A Double Extraction

last year

I made a post the other day on steemit about our endeavors and search for finding some moonshine locally here and while at that specialty liquor store, my husband mentioned to me about getting some Ever Clear so I could make a stronger cannabis tincture (which is what I use when making my hard candy).

I had just made a new batch of regular (with 100-proof Vodka) about a week ago, but I have to admit I was curious about the Ever Clear; which is a grain alcohol and not every store that sells normal beer, wine and liquor sells these types of liquor.

While wondering around this store, my husband was telling me how some co-worker of his has started growing too and he was planning on using Ever Clear to experiment with tincture. Well, not a person to be one-up by potential competition, hubby said we should try it too.

The Ever Clear tincture has been brewing for one week now and I usually let my tinctures cook for at least two weeks. I still have regular tincture in my stock so I am thinking both these new jars I'll be leaving for a minimum of three weeks; possibly a month.

I've always heard the longer you let it go, the stronger it will be. I've even considered taking half of the Ever Clear Tincture and re-soaking it for an additional two to three weeks with fresh cannabis trim. I've done this process of double extracting other herbs, so I know it works.

When you do a double extraction you take the original alcohol produced from the tincture after it has been strained and add it to a new, clean jar and add in fresh herbs, clippings and trims of the same plant/herb and let it cook for another soaking.

My last harvest of Cheese and Critical were quite potent to smoke and consume, so I am thinking by doing the double process it will add an extra potency to the tincture.

These specialty liquors are quite pricey! Walked out of the liquor store and just for these two bottles (Moonshine is 750-ml) it cost us just over $42.






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I' m guessing your end product will be well worth the expense ! Btw...the "sugarlands shine " looks like some SERIOUS stuff. : )

The way things are shaping up here on smoke network, i think there a time will come when we'll all become brands of our own with our own new products that will rule the market. Lot of potential and innovative ideas.

Oh that is surely expensive! Is there any other alternative for the grain alcohol say other brands?


it isn't that bad on Price in the US $10 for bigger bottle and the amount of medicine it makes will last one person months.

I use everclear to make my tincture and it is strong, but from everything I have read two weeks is all it needs and after making a bunch of batches (cause I use tincture in my candies too) I have to say they are potent my buddy says they are more potent than the ones he buys at the dispensary, but I don't have the equipment to test it.
I tried to soak longer than 2 weeks btw to see if it comes out stronger and I didn't notice any difference between 2 and 4 weeks.

You can use foodgrade ethanol.

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