Infused coconut oil gummies

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3 months ago

Blackberry and apple flavour gummy bears

Today im trying for the first time at making gummy bears. Heres how it went.

Recipe from the awesome people at




When happy and its all combined.
Take it off the heat and transfer warm liquid into your molds.


The recipe made 200+ gummies and all estimated out at 10mg each.


Taste is good. Im a fan of sour sugars so will definately add some when i find some. It was fun to make and im happy with the results. Flavour is good but could be better.

Awesome way to micro dose and control that buzz.

Numb numb numb peoples and enjoy 🤟🤠

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I make mine with jello and unflavored gelatin and tincture. The texture isn't bad and the flavor is good. But I prefer chocolates or hard candy over edible gummies, but mainly because I have no self control when it comes to gummies.


👍 will have to give chocolate and hard candies a go. Yes im realizing gummies are hard to control myself 🤣 num num num..


Can I order some more chocolates??? Those were awesome.


Of course but this time of year they would melt in the mail

Well got to stay edibles are great but why use geletin? Never got why medical products still use this...

Awesome one making your own tho


Honestly cause its my first time making lollies i took the simplest way i could find. 😜 im not a fan of the gelaten taste that it give the gummie.. but definately a quick and easy way to start off.

Gelaten is just a setting agent in food. Helps the gummies hold form. They will melt without it im guessing


Yeah. It is the most known for sure. What gelaten is it is so nasty.... 🤮 But it is most known and used for now.

Next time look in to agar agar . It may he hard to find but it is a plant based gelaten.

Thanks for sharing tho and stay lifted 🍀


Awesome.. thanks for that info.. will look into it 😊