If you go down to the woods today! (keep this sh1t away from me, for now!)

in #edibles
8 months ago


Location undisclosed, sorry! In a temperate rain-forest somewhere in England ....

Pick this and don't prepare it properly, you'll have a bad time. Pick this and prepare the white nuggets correctly, you can trip your t*ts off.

I decided to leave them be personally ..... namely because I don't know what I'm doing.

Looks as if someone had a big cheesecake slice out of one already, or it could just have naturally split that way.


Anyway, not much to say about these bad boys, Fly Agaric is their name, and @easyrider ain't their game today!!!!!

Finally, some much less toxic moss on a big fallen tree. It was like sitting on a little blanket of comfi-ness for 'moi derriere', whilst I rolled one and smoked in total and utter tranquility .... not a soul in sight. Just the trees, the wind, man .... Easy, Crypyoninja, and a lovely nug of amnesia ... :)


Nature made a chill bench for us ....

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Big ass mofos just rooted there damn just one bit will sit your ass🍄

AMANITA MUSCARA! Keep your fingers away from these mushrooms! It is poisonous even if you have dried them properly. Charles Manson used them and remember what happened in the 60s? It´s not worth trying. Hashish ist much safer.


too right, left them as they were!

Awesome. I think the Smurfs ate these at one time


ahaha, yes 😅😂

Great pictures 😊 I would leave them also there because i don't know what i would be doing.

Picking them from nature is pretty dangerous


absolutely! no way i was touching them even :)

Santa Clause and all the other great mystics in the Line of Melchizedek

Nice! I have one tattoed on my arm :)