Master Wu’s Green Dragon

10 months ago

Step 1- grind & decarb. I decarb in a mason jar. 220°F Closed. Burp it every few minutes. Keeps the smell down. We’re going for stealth here.

Step 2- add 190 Everclear to the decarbed bud. I had about a 1/4th. So, I added 1 cup of everclear to it.

Step 3- set up a double boiler. Keep the water outside the mason jar at about 170°F. The everclear will boil.

Step 4- boil in the double boiler for about 20-30 minutes. Use a candy thermometer to check & control the temp. Do not get this too hot!



This was my first attempt at Master Wu’s and I am quite pleased.

The dosage, for us, ends up being about 3mL taken with juice. Hits about 30 minutes later. It’s a great high. Lasts a few hours. Builds.

The first time my wife & I tried it, we got the giggles super bad. It hurt to breath & 😂 laugh! 😂🤣😂


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That is surprisingly simple!


Packs quite a punch.