Fresh Glycerin Tincture

in #edibles
last year



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nice ma man but its little bit early for glycerine?
is the glycerin for making female seeds??


I made it from harvest trim. The plant in the background is just a male cbd strain I kept as a houseplant.

I don't get, what's iis this for?


this is for manipulate gender made female seeds :DD


To get high, bruh...


Ahh ok thanks lets get high ma man!

Did you make it? Is there thc in it? What process did you use? I'm intrigued???


Homemade. Decarbbed jarred trim in the oven for an hour then mixed vegetable glycerin in it and submerged the jar in a slow cooker on 180° for an hour. Strained the plant matter and that's it. I typically prefer the cold method but desperate times, man.