[ Just Placed My Order ] Melo Mix - 1000mg THC Tincture - From SabrinasWorld.ca

2 months ago


Melo Mix - 1000mg THC Tincture

From SabrinasWorld.ca

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Quickly coming up on my vacation, tonight’s shifts will be the last for 10 days, I was hunting for some edibles yesterday during my Happy Hemp Day. Sadly everything local is either not open for business or sold out thus a time to test out SabrinasWorld.ca has presented itself 👌


I ordered 2, one for myself and one for the fiancé, not certain what flavours we will get which brings me to the only concern so far. Everything went well on the site but I either overlooked flavour options or there was no where to select from the 3 options, not particularly concerned as long as I get something to unbox on video 😉

This was also a bit of a learning experience for me as I have that buddy in Coombs wanting to open an online shop, the dude that makes those wicked 1oz cans I have posted about. Seeing how e-transfer can work through the site with follow up confirmation from actual sender it does look like I could create a simple product page making that work for him. I could possibly even setup RSS so for him to add a product he just need make a Smoke.io post about it 🤔 this makes me curious...

What does everyone think about marketing products through Smoke.io?

Rewarding customers that post about products?

Setting ourselves as a platform to do so?

We have cannabis lovers and we have cannabis suppliers, how about bringing those two together? This is kinda what I am working towards starting with a few personal purchases but I hope to build as stated previously into sponsorships of sorts even if just a discount code for those I direct to the service.

As always before I suggest anything I will always do my best to vet the services such as I have done with Koho, ShakePay, FreeBitco.in 👍 hate to be that person to blindly lead others into loss 😅

As of now, should be here in a few days which will be a few days into vacation. Good thing we aren’t going anywhere cause the anticipation to getting a good buzz has me ....

Stoked For My Vacation

#happyhempday everyone, my day was spent considering how to get supplies to enjoy our vacation. Seems like supplies are going to be an issue ongoing while distribution figures it’s crap out and dispensaries remain closed in fear... I am feeling thankful for the online presence here in Canada and the few people whom like my buddy from Coombs work to get their products to you the easiest way possible, Canada Post! You can bet I am going to get more cards printed for my buddy to include in each of his shipments 😉

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Awesome. Let us know how it goes 💚 Would be nice if they accepted smoke to pay or pay at least 50% of the order with smoke coin 😊


They do accept bitcoin and I had those very thoughts for their site along with my buddies also 😁

I will most definitely report back on my experience 👍