One of my personal recipes that I love to make - Canna-Fried Chicken

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last year

Thankyou @offgrid for the pic advice!


This recipe will feature in a free e-book that I am currently making for simple cannabis recipes. I wanted to post it here first though.

Check out my slow-cooker recipe I have posted up here if you need an easy, mess-free cannabis-infused oil/butter.

I served this batch with sourdough bread, mayo, arugula lettuce, thai sweet chilli sauce, and cherry tomatoes.

As you can see this chicken goes well in a sandwich but is good to add to almost anything! I'm thinking canna-fried chicken and waffles?

I really enjoy adding my canna butter or canna coconut oil to savoury items like this.

This recipe makes enough batter for 6 Chicken Breasts/Thighs

I Used Less (approx 2/3 of recipe) Because I Used Chicken Tenderloins

You Will Need

4 eggs
½ cup refined wheat flour
Herbs of Your Choice (Basil, Oregano, Etc)
Salt & Pepper


  1. Crack Eggs Into Shallow Bowl And Beat Eggs

  2. Combine Flour, Herbs, Salt, And Pepper On A Plate Or Flat Tray

  3. Then, Place ONE Chicken Breast Into Eggs And Coat Well

  4. Now, Coat The Chicken In The Flour,/Herb Mixture On Both Sides

  5. Leave To Rest On Paper Towel

  6. Coat Remaining Chicken Pieces In Flour/Herb Mixture

  7. Finally, Fry Your Chicken Until Ready (Usually Takes About 5 Mins Per Side)

  8. Dry on Paper Towel (As Pictured) While Preparing Your Bread, Waffles, Or Whatever Else You Want To Pair With It

------ Use The Butter/Oil Remaining In The Pan As A Dip For Bread! ------

Let me know if you use this recipe!

The coconut oil adds a perfect taste to the chicken that will allow the addition of pineapple and bacon - try your own Hawaiian Fried Chicken Sandwich!

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TY for your help earlier !


No problem ... that's much better.


I almost forgot to take the pic, I was so keen to rip into the sandwiches

Nice .... Glad to see it worked .... I also copied and pasted this from your page to see if it works ....


Awesome to know for future ref

this definitely sounds amazing with pineapple and bacon on a sandwich!


it was amazing bro! Had it a few times now