Wakey Bakey Coffee

6 months ago

Wakey Bakey Coffee

Cannabis infused coffee with THC

Wakey Wakey Coffee

Cannabis infused coffee with CBD
Tastes like regular coffee except it's better

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Sorry, eh


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My 2 favorite plants!

70mg thc per cup is pretty good, this expensive?


That would knock me out.


It was a gift from a pop-up craft cannabis market.

I've never had coffee with cannabis in it. Might have to try it out, although maybe just a fraction of a serving to start out with. :'D Don't wanna overdo things and not be able to function. I wonder if the caffeine in the coffee counteracts that effect though. Hmm. I guess there's only one way to find out! Seeing as how it affects everyone differently and we can't really get a true grasp of how it'll affect us until we sample it ourselves!


I had 5 cups, after eating 2 edibles.
Don't do that. I was sketching out.


Wow...5 cups ? I’d be out for a week.


5 cups! So you like it then?.....

Ya know what..?I could use a thc coffee right now ( 7.15 a.m monday ) : )

Awesome.... I want to try these.