Homemade Rasberry Brownie dipped in love

6 months ago

Delicately made some Rasberry Brownies while getting bored at home, infused with THC.

Bw 1.jpg

BW 2.jpg

Taking a bite and it tantalizingly tastes tarty extracted from the fresh raspberries fudge with choco adding passion to these.

Bw 3.jpg

Bw 4.jpg

Then infused with Tangie'matic coco oil to bring a peak moment in the high energy to the table.

Bw 5.jpg

Bw 6.jpg

Some already packaged to the neighbour's door :D

Thank you all canna lovers and non-lovers for looking!

#canna-curate #cannabis #thc #infusion

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Damb that looks good, care to share your recipe?

K so no judgement I am curious as a former baker how brownies remain effective ... brownie requires baking for a fairly long time to set ... THC burns below average setting temperature of brownie ... does the infusion of THC prior to mixing in a recipe change the degradation temperature of the THC, like insolation? (I see you a chef wondering if this is part of your knowledge base)


Not a pro chef but yes with the help pf my neighbors 😁

Thank you! I would love to share this with you in my upcoming edibles post, I will tend to ☺


Ahhh well it was worth a try 😋

Looks so delicious.


Yummy it is ☺

I would love to take a bite 🤤😍💚


Why not! There's plenty for you at home dear 😊

Oh. My. Lord. I love raspberry.... and I love brownies.... Just... YUM. :)

I am salivating already.

Wow these look amazing, so hungry now 😫