Marijuana flour preparation - part 1

last year


@chronic asked How do you make the Marijuana flour though?

Absolem the caterpillar gives the preparation today.

Part 2

This flour will be used for the subsequent preparation of marijuana butter or various desserts or marijuana bread.

The flour is very easy to process.

The leaves or buds must be well dried so they separate when crushed, to spend time in a grinder, a chopper or a grinder for flour or coffee.

To obtain a better result, a coffee grinder can be used until the marijuana particles are very fine and turn into a fine powder.

You can pass the dust through a sieve or a flour sieve to remove all wood debris and impurities.

When grinding marijuana could be a white powder, especially the leaves or the yolks are very dry, said powder is actually the capitated glands, the potent part of the marijuana, as well as the handling with care.

Marijuana mill

Allow the powder to settle before opening the chopper or grinder and pick up dust that may spill from the sides.

Store the flour in the fridge or freezer.

Flour is the first step to cooking with marijuana, as well as to keep going.

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Nice job with the follow up recipe and thanks for the mention.


you are welcome :)

Good info and thanks for providing the steps from ground level


@razeiv a pleasure friend