How to make a homemade marijuana pizza with mushrooms.

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Absolem the caterpillar wants to share a rich recipe with the community.

In this case we will make a rich rich marijuana pizza. We can measure the ingredients to your liking. In brief steps we will make a marijuana pizza.

Ingredients for the dough of 4 pizzas


-Yeast: 60 gr.
-Flour: 1.2 kg.
-Water: 1/2 liter (hot)
-Extra virgin olive oil
-1 chopped onion
-1 garlic finely chopped.
-2 mushrooms, finely chopped ( mushrooms gives a taste and smell of death)
-2 tablespoons of tomato sauce
-1/2 chopped red pepper and ½ chopped green pepper
-1/2 cup of chedar cheese
-1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese
-1/2 cup leaves and chopped marijuana shoots.


How to prepare marijuana pizza or cannabis pizza

We can make the tomato sauce by taking fresh tomatoes and grinding them.

To start our marijuana pizza we will introduce our 50 grams of yeast in a bowl or a large bowl of water to dissolve it and begin to ferment in the water. Later we will mix the flour with the yeast and we will make a dough until we see that it is very sticky. Then pour the extra virgin olive oil for the marijuana pizza with mushrooms.

Before placing it in the container, spread the dough with olive oil. Then, cover the container and the footage in the oven at low temperature for 2 hours or more.

After that time, flour flour on a dry surface so the dough does not stick. Knead by hand for 5 minutes and divide it into 4 balls. Cover the dough with a cloth previously moistened with olive oil. We'll let it go up.

It is less, when we have double the previous size, we put the ball on a surface with flour and extend to get the size we want from the pizza. Place the pizza on a tray with the base of olive oil where we are one meter to the oven, like the round or rectangular sea.

And we already started a meter the ingredients, the base of the tomato sauce well extended, and we can put what we want, mushrooms, mushrooms, olives, not only the ingredients that we have put up, the pizzas are to let the imagination fly and give them the touch we want

And finally sprinkle our delicious pizza with the magic ingredient a gram of a sativa or marijuana of your preference.

Bake the pizza more or less between 15 to 20 minutes with an oven at a temperature of 220 degrees, and enjoy a marijuana pizza with good company and enjoy the atmosphere.

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