Coffee smoothie with marijuana.

last year


I want to thank @canna-curate for their SMOKE. Today Absolem the caterpillar brings a rich recipe with coffee.


-200 ml of skimmed milk
-200 grams of vanilla ice cream
-20 ml of fresh coffee, I prefer Bake coffee
-marijuana in bud here depends on each, although it has been preferred a Moby Dick or a marijuana plant rich in CDB 5 grams will be enough


It is very easy to do, crush the marijuana buds, very fine fine fine, and pour it over the milk, it would have it during the previous night, or a whole day. You have to make foresight to make this tremendous coffee with marijuana. It is important that the milk is impregnated with the heart of marijuana.

All the ingredients are mixed, although quantities come, some prefer more vanilla than coffee and others more coffee than vanilla ice cream, to give more consistency to the coffee shake with marijuana. Mix everything and go through a blender. And it will be ready to serve in a glass, take it on the balcony or we will take them in the car on the way to work. A good coffee shake with marijuana to sing and start the day well.

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How come you don't decarb weed?


Maybe he wants medical benefits of THCA without psychoactive effect of THC...

Sounds DELICIOUS! Too bad I can't really get stoned off edibles, seems I metabolize them too quickly or something, ad I barely get a buzz ..