Bread made with marijuana - part 2 :P

last year

Absolem the caterpillar is back I bring a delicious recipe bread made with marijuana enjoy it friend.


Making the marijuana bread yourself can seem a little heavy, but if the tests, the taste difference will convince you. In addition, it is much healthier. The white bread (refined) has kept in the process most of the vitamins and minerals that make it a healthy food, and also a large part of the fiber. So, in the long term, the benefits are also for health.

The proponents of this mix of flours, the wheat flour bill and the whole wheat flour, but if you wish, you can try different types of cereals. The taste is different, and the variety is always recommended. Just keep in mind that marijuana flour is quite oily, and can not be used in large quantities; Always combine with other flours in greater proportion.

This is the process of making this cannabis recipe to achieve a delicious marijuana bread. Put the fresh yeast, so that it melts when you manipulate it with your fingers. Mix all ingredients well in a large bowl, stir, and then place the ball of dough on a flat, floured surface. Knead vigorously for 10 minutes. The better you love, the more spongy the bread will come out.

Leave the bun in a warm place until it has doubled in size. Then knead again, about five more minutes. To cook the marijuana bread, place the dough in two baking pans and let it stand for 45 minutes. After a while in the oven (preheated) at 240 ° C and cook about 35 minutes or until you achieve the correct cooking.

Ingredients (for two large loaves):

800 g of whole wheat flour

200 g of marijuana flour

600 ml of water

25 g of fresh yeast

20 g of salt


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How do you make the Marijuana flour though?


@choric I will mention it in another post

I am confused is this made with Hemp or Marijuana because they are two different things and you are using the terms like they are one and the same and they are not. It is hurting the legalization movement with peoole interchanging them like they are the same. Hemp bread will be a heathy choice but marijuana infused bread is even better IMO as marijuana as a food and medicine is better than hemp.


@tecnogirl Forgive my confusion surely my English are not good for it I confuse words, I can fix it I'm sorry


It is okay, I wasn't for sure if you were confused or if you are learning English and confused the terms. I hope I didn't come up off as asshole, just trying to make sure there if there is confusion that others will know there is a difference if they read the comments


@tecnosgirl still learning from the world of cannabis and I appreciate your advice and corrections :)

Either made of marijuana or hemp am sure this bread will be a great one to taste.... Nice cheff


Sure friend :D

Hi.... I would appreciate it more if an image of the baked bread is here so I would know how it looks like from the outside as well as the inside...