Everything You Need to Buy Weed in A Dispensary

8 months ago

Cannabis legalization is increasing tremendously throughout the world. Everybody is using weed from corporate leaders, eager 21 years old students, parents and even grandparents. In the US, marijuana has already been legalized in some states. According to research conducted, more than 64% of the US population supports legalization of marijuana. Countries such as Canada and South Africa have gone ahead to legalize cannabis. According to many, weed is a recreational herb that keeps people more connected, happier and improves their lives. If you love weed, you should not feel intimidated or mysterious when purchasing weed in a dispensary. This article briefly discusses everything you need to buy weed in the dispensary.

first legal cannabis sale

Medical marijuana patients want dispensaries with the right strains of marijuana that they need to relieve their symptoms. With a high number of adults seeking marijuana for recreational purposes, the number of marijuana dispensaries has gone up. Most of the marijuana dispensaries have a green cross as the universal sign. You should be sure you are going to a marijuana dispensary by looking at the sign. The experience for buying weed in a dispensary for the first time may be one of a kind. If you get in the dispensary adequately prepared for what to expect, the experience will be enjoyable and pleasurable.

Research on The Dispensary You Want to Purchase

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Marijuana dispensaries are established and created differently. They have different specialties, pricing, and marijuana strains. You should first take your time to research through the different marijuana dispensaries around your area. You will get to know about the best dispensaries that you should look in. Additionally, reading reviews by their clients will give you a clue of the best dispensary in weed-friendly states or countries.

Get Insights of The Different Strains Before Your Visit

information on strains before entering a dispensary

Nowadays, marijuana comes in many different strains, and all are meant for different things. What is your reason for buying cannabis? We all know it is to smoke. You hence ought to know the strain of marijuana that you want to buy. You need to first research on the common uses of different strains, the different effects and time of use before you visit a marijuana dispensary. Most of the dispensaries have a well-indicated display of the various strains of weed. The most common strains are Indica and sativa. Indica is best for a more high and chilly effect.

Have Your Id and Cash Ready

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Regardless of your age, you must produce your id in a marijuana dispensary. Without your id, you are sure to walk home empty-handed. Drivers license and passports are also commonly accepted. Another crucial thing that you need to know is that you are supposed to carry your money in cash. Most if not all the dispensaries are cash-only. Marijuana purchases are made strictly on cash. This makes most of the dispensaries have an ATM right at the outside. Go with your money ready before you arrive at the marijuana dispensary. Approximately, an eighth of marijuana goes for around $20 to $50, so you should have enough cash. A limit of an ounce purchase per day policy is implemented in the majority of the marijuana dispensaries.

Ask the Budtender Questions

Your budtender is there for you. You should relax and ask the relevant questions you are not sure about. You may inquire about the best strain of weed that would be best for your needs, about your favorite strain and the best ingesting methods. The budtender is there to be your guide as you purchases weed. Let your shopping be relaxing and funny.

Be Patient

South Park buying weed legally

There are plenty of rules that govern the process of selling marijuana. Dispensaries are only around to serve one customer at a time to strictly observe the laid procedure. Feel free to take a seat and unhurriedly wait for your turn. You can utilize the time in going through the dispensary menu while thinking about the products you want to purchase. Similar to most retail business, weekends are busier than weekdays.

In conclusion, you should be able to buy marijuana comfortably from a dispensary by following the above tips. You will be sure to like the quality of product and services in the marijuana dispensaries. Visit a marijuana dispensary today and buy yourself some weed.

Bought from a dispensary before? Share your experiences and thoughts with the community in the comments.

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Oh man! I remember my first visit to a dispensary.
I was actually nervous... not sure why.Maybe I was expecting the cops to be outside just waiting to get me. _yeah... still a fear even though medical marijuana is legal here and I am a card carrying medical person.

But.. yes- the bud tender who helped me was so good. She asked what I was looking for and gave me a few selections to pick from. She actually made me relax A LOT. I think she spent more time with me than y regular primary care physician does.


Extremely happy to hear this!

Now that Cannabis is Legal in Canada we can no longer buy CBD oil..... That sucks. Legal Cannabis in Canada means we can no longer buy anything anywhere. All the Government run shops are empty, and the LPs are making bad weed rushing it to market.


There are a few issues with the complex new laws in Canada.. :X


We only have one Dope Dealer now.... Justin Trudeau.

Pretty nice post, never bought marijuana from a dispensary before. Will try and visit one when I travel outside my area, would love to have the experience. Wish it was legal here.


Glad you liked it @jessica

We have dispensaries in Vienna... but they only allow to sell strains with max. 0.3% THC. It really does not make you that high, just a bit of relaxation.. Medicinal Cannabis with more than 0.3% are being sold in the Pharmacies and of course with doctor´s prescription... The black market is of course booming and probably they will legalize cannabis soon.. However, the CBD are sold legally in the dispensary since it does not contain a psychoactive substance that make one high.


Thanks for your comment @indaymers In most countries that I've visit in europe was the same..


las sociedades avanzadas como la americana, europeas, entre otras permiten a los ciudadanos el uso de cannabis ya sea recreacional o farmacéutica... nosotros debemos ser libres y exigir este derecho