Top Reasons Why Dispensaries Are Better Than Cannabis Dealers

8 months ago

While the federal government still has a difficult time seeing the benefits of cannabis, the public's attitude toward marijuana has changed.

Many people now see both the medical benefits of the plant and the tax benefits it could potentially bring. This interest has helped encourage some states to legalize medical marijuana while some have taken a step even further to legalize recreational pot.

States like Maine, Alaska, and Massachusetts all have passed laws making recreational marijuana legal to purchase by those who are at least 21 years old. This has sparked a huge interest in pot products, and dispensaries are popping up all over the place. There are many benefits that dispensaries offer and people are now turning to these pot stores instead of going to a dealer.

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They Are Always There When You Need Them

If you like to indulge in a little bud, you probably know the real struggles of trying to find a dealer.

Cannabis dealers are not always there when you need them and some of them can disappear on you at a moments notice. This can be really annoying when you are trying to find the product.

Dealers are also limited with the amount of pot they have on hand and during a busy weekend or holiday, they can run out.

Instead of going to your local dealer, why not head on over to the dispensaries and get your goodies?

Dispensaries have set hours and some of them are even open seven days a week!

You Won't Get Arrested

When you get your cannabis from a dealer, there is a chance that you just might end up in jail.

Dealers are not licensed to sell cannabis and police are often watching them waiting to bust someone.

If you end up in the mix, you just might get a major ticket or even end up in jail for a few hours. Jail is not a place that you want to spend the weekend and it will also cost you a lot of money to get out. Not to mention, you will lose your entire purchase.

No More Paranoia

Buying from a dealer can be a stressful event especially if paranoia sets in. Dealers are often in sketchy locations which can put you in real danger.

On the other hand, you can feel safe going into a dispensary.

These cannabis storehouses have ample security and are located in areas that most criminals simply don't like to go. So the next time you are looking for a buzz, instead of getting paranoid, go down to your local dispensary and buy some bud.

They Have A Huge Selection of Products

When it comes to cannabis, dispensaries are the way to go!

They have tons of different strains for you to choose from as well as some delicious edibles that will make your mouth water.

A cannabis dealer would never be able to supply you with such a wide variety of products. Instead of going with a dealer, why not go some place where you have more choices?

You Know What You Are Getting

Many people trust their local dealer, but you really don't know what you are getting when you buy from them.

While your cannabis dealer may be on the up and up, the source of their products might not be. When you buy from a dispensary, you will always know what is in the products they sell.

Their products are clearly labeled and they have to follow state laws which are designed to keep you safe. Additionally, you won't get slacked because each product is carefully weighed right in front of you. A dealer, on the other hand, may pass you a bag that is less than full.

The cannabis sold at a dispensary is of the highest quality and contain some of the highest levels of THC around.

Cannabis Tax Helps Your Local Community

While we all dislike paying taxes, the cannabis tax that you will have to pay at a dispensary will help your community.

The tax dollars that pot sales take in help fund your local schools, roads, and many government projects that will benefit you.

Paying a little extra for your cannabis is well worth the improvements in your community.

As you can see, there are many benefits of buying from a dispensary.

They provide the community with vital tax dollars while giving cannabis users a safe place to buy.

So if you are in a legal country/state and still getting your pot from a dealer, you just might want to make some changes.

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I STRONGLY Recommend Growing Your Own

Dispensary cannabis has historically been a significantly less healthy choice than growing your own. Depending on where you live, the lists of approved pesticides and chemicals can be ridiculous. The quality, compared to well grown clean cannabis, is definitely wanting.

The biggest issues the world is facing is a distinct lack of awareness in the public, as far as what clean cannabis actually is. As public awareness grows, the quality in the dispensaries will have to increase.

At some point (I'm waiting for this day. lol), commercial cannabis will be mainly grown for vaping, topicals, edibles and other uses. Commercial will also produce a so-so quality pre-roll, like the tobacco industry has.

Fine smoking quality? You'll start seeing a higher shelf than the current "Top-Shelf" at dispensaries and it's going to be coming from private craft growers.

Will YOU Be the Next "Stellar Shelf" Producer?

Warning... the cultivation of cannabis is EXTREMELY addictive. You've been warned. lol


I really wish I was a whale and could pay your mortage with an upsmoke @douglas.curtis


Thank You

Unfortunately the bank says my mother is wrong, "the thought does not count!" lol I greatly appreciate the thought, even if they don't. :D

Point People At My Book!

So they can start learning the information they need to crush the dispensaries in their neighborhood tomorrow!! :)

"Secrets to Growing Trichome Dense Cannabis"

On point!
These are all reasons why marijuana needed legalization in the first place. That and plant not being toxic or causing deaths directly from consumption. Not to mention industrial, nutritional and pharmaceutical benefits.


But commercial grows in Colorado you are more likely to consume weed with chemicals in it that are not supposed to be consumed. In 20 years of smoking "black market" weed I have NEVER smoked anything toxic or, well, died.

legalize Decriminalize.


If the health and safety administration did its job, this would not be the case.


As with most government positions they come with ironic names.

I am sure if we vote harder and "get the right people in" it will be the case.

Well, that is what we have been saying since the inception of government.


Ok, are we talking about how thing are or how they should be?


Well I am not going to be the one that advocates for legalization when this is the result... That never gets fixed.

How they are will never reach where they should be as long as the ones that make the rules stand to lose power, money, and/or influence they can sell.

I agree with you completly on this. It is much safer and beneficial for the community to buy from legal dispenseris then from shady dealers. It is rear and hard to find one reliable and always at hand.

For me and UK or Asia where I am most of the time, the weed is best if it's from somewhere around fishermen!
Dispensaries ... I'm okay to plan vacations on where they allow tourists to frequent them also. Be a dream to have one in my 'hood.

I agree fully with you regarding the benefits of buying weeds from the dispensary, I hope that some changes will take place in all of Europe as soon as possible to can buy what I need in my country, from dispensary not from dealers.
Thanks for Sharing, Have a great weekend.


Great post, I'm live in Spain and we have cannabis social clubs. Street price for weed is 5 euros, but cannabis clubs prices are from 7-30 euros. Some people buy regular outdoor grown weed, but still in nice boxes with fancy stickers: Cali strains, Strawberry cupcake and whatever they write on it - I would never buy it!
To pay for 3 grams of weed 50 euros??? For a nice box?
But I buy my weed from clubs because atleast the bud is beautiful, you will definetly get as much as you asked. Street weed is the same but streets are unstable. All the weed we have in our clubs is mostly from growers who do it illegaly.
But anyway - I consider everything legal when it comes to weed! I did time for this shit aswell and its the stupidest thing ever - to punish for plant..
Peace bros and sis's ;)

I'm anxiously awaiting dispenseries comming to my area however that said most people I know who live in legal states still buy from street dealers

I mostly agree with everything you said that only problem at the dispensary's can be if you look at what's going on in some of Canada's weed in the legal Market is infected with mold and bugs. Thankfully I haven't heard anything like that happening in the United States illegal or legal Markets


Even with regulation in place some companies do the wrong thing, at least they've now got the regulations to go after them for distributing spoiled products.. here's hoping the issue gets sorted soon for them..

I totally agree with every one of your reasons man.
Allowing cannabis for recreational use will also lower criminality and many people won't go to jail just because they had 1 kilo of pot.
In my country,possesing weed is not something that you want when cops choose to search your balls.

But as @douglas.kurtis said above,the best solution is to GROW YOUR OWN

Peace out

Sorry, I disagree. First off, taxes RARELY goes to the local community in the way they say.

Federal taxes goes to the FEDERAL government and will still use that money to RAID local dispensaries.

I'm not spending $50 on weed only to give the dispensary 35 after taxes so the government can decide where to put that 15.

How about I give $50 to my friend and he gets $50 and if I really care that much about where the taxes "say" they are going, I can still donate $15 to a cause that I think is important.

Taxes are theft and they are literally used to fund your own oppression.

Also commercial grows use chemicals that SHOULD NOT be smoked. I know numerous people that are allergic to sulfate and can't even consume weed that has been commercially grown and has to carry an Epi-pen with them wherever they go incase they smoke from a source they don't personally know. They STILL have to go to the "black market" to be able to smoke and NOT DIE.

Decriminalize, don't legalize.

resist Don't Comply.

i envy you guys .... far away to build shop , in my country its restricted to to smoke pop

very nice

excelente, esto es el futuro bro