How Much Longer Can You Wait Before The Bull Comes?. Let Have Some Crypto-Fun Discussion.

2 years ago

The bitter truth is that most of us join Crypto for the money even though some says they are here for the technology. We all are in the same category. All we want is money, But when talking of investment which can actually have a different meaning for different people. For me, Investment means sacrificing something in other to gain more in return, not necessarily we gain the exactly what we invest, the profit can come in something different. People can invest time, money, love, energy, and so on. In crypto, most of us invest time and money. Giving time to something can be very huge as time is huge and not easy to calculate, for the money, that's just a paper but not easy to make too.

If the bull refuse to run until January/February, will you still be here?.

We all see what is going on since all this while, this is November and we all know we have not see the moon in crypto sphere since last January/February. I am just wondering and feel like passing this question out for everyone to share thought and mind together. Many of us are expecting bullish run or any sign of it by this time but due to the Bitcoin cash fork and some issues around it which have caused more bearish to the market. Bullish refused to run.
Though the bearish is not only happening in the crypto market, even Stocks market is also suffering from it. But not everyone knows.

I can say I am not feeling the bear market much as is keeping my time, it is also a good time for me to improve in my trading class. I believe the harder I solve the bearish market using FA and TA while doing my paper trading the better I will become when I start using real money when the bullish period starts. BUT I want to ask you as readers if the bearish market continue until next January/February will you still be here? Is also taken your mind off-market bearish? if not can you state why or answer with more detail? Just to have some fun-filled conversation.

Actually, I am a jobless and introvert guy who find as an interesting place to catch fun. I bring the fun to you now. Let have some conversation.

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I weathered the 2013-2015 bear market, I will weather this one too. I'm keeping myself busy trading the stock market and upsmoking posts in the meantime. :)


Awesome too, one don't need to focus in the bear, instead it us good to look at some other things out there. In fact if one have nothing to do, we should go out and catch fun. Thanks for stopping by Bro.

First we take a step back with the bitcoin to get into a bullmarket from there.
I think this because there are beautiful things to come in January / February, think of the ETF and BAKKT. As a result, a lot of new money is entering the market.
Should the bullrun after that wait a little longer, that does not matter to me I'm in the crypto for the long term. is already running well, is a nice platform and certainly has the potential to become just as big as steem or bigger.


Exactly friend, only enthusiasts will know this, some people are only putting money in things they don't understand. Thanks for sharing your mind with us buddy. 😀


Yes, you have to go deeper into it and once you've done that, you know how good this technology is.
I am sure that blockchain technology will conquer the world in a few years.

It is true that the market has been bearish for several months, but the economy has a cycle. It can not always be bullish because that's when the bubbles are formed, then they explode and they go to hell because people see that they are ruining themselves and sell everything they bought for a lower price, which in many cases entails to a terrible loss. From my point of view, I think that at some point the market will start moving up for a while and then down again. But that will not take away the desire to continue contributing to

A hug!


Yes yes, only if people can see it in this way, market can't always be going up without any down. If this is how it is then it is not a market anymore but a burble. Going up and not coming down is what makes TBC scam coin, and I know people will not want this. And also before I forget, market is only down because people are selling for low prices.




Yea a continuous circle that must obey the law of nature

Yeah... it’s brutal out there. I am down 90% on my Crypto investments that I bought with old fashioned cash .... like Bitcoin, Ethereum,Litecoin .... but my Steem and Smoke investments come from blogging so it is a lot easier to HODL forever.

If you make Cryptos by creating things then the things you create will last forever.

I love creating new things so I believe that Social Blogging Networks will survive this Bear Market and 99% of all the other Cryptos will die .... long live Smoke and Steem.


it is a lot easier to HODL forever.


Decentralized social media is fun and if you even look at smoke coin, it have refused to go below 2 cents, instead it keep bouncing back up. If we can do it this way enter bullish mehn I see money every. 😀😁

Five. I'm not going to specify whether I mean minutes, weeks or years. Just five.


Lmao! This is code talk and I am afraid I don't understand what you mean by five. 😅

It is pretty funny how the market has gone down, but believe me this could be a business strategy"... for me, when crypto is low work harder and make more!! so that when bull starts running, you will have something to run along with.

Plenty people are calling the bull but yet has nothing to run with!!

The best thing is to smoke :: Get paid and Repeat

Tell your friends to join before the bull wakes and picks race! ✌️✌️✌️


That's the spirit I have been looking for.. 😁 we don't need to always look or waiting for bull, when bear appeared, it is time for us to work smarter and harder, so we have more to gain when the bull comes around. Thanks for head up buddy. Kudos 💖🌿

I have been living without crypto, so if it continues fine if the bull chose to run BEST.


Lol, that's bitter truth also. If we can breath without crypto, we will def live if bull refuse to run. 😅😂

13 more weeks or less brother, hold the fort!


Haha! Let wait and see buddy. But if it keep going down till then will you still be here?

Ive made more than I ever had on crypto than in anyother thing, im with crypto for life.....

This bearish phase will pass like the mist from a smoke... ;)


Wow! This is interesting. I think we have things in common. And I am believing checking price every day make mind goes astray, one can simply have a good time if we can let bear do his thing. 😀


one can simply have a good time if we can let bear do his thing. 😀

I'm telling youuuuu.....let bear do his thing, when bull comes we will know who the boss is lol...


Hahaha... Cheers 🥂 Bro, I like meeting people of the same mind with me. Let keep enjoying the bear why it last. 😂

Perhaps the weeks running up to christmas, if not then then perhaps not until mid next year.. usually january people dump too to cover taxes so it won't be pretty if we don't see a surge in crypto market cap in December..


january people dump too to cover taxes.

This has been the prob we have been facing since the last time the price spark, and also too much FUD everywhere. I hope it surge by january again but no one can tell. LET hope for the best.

Better go and get the bulls it's no longer funny else I will come with my cow so that the bulls will chase it to the moon


This one weak me oo 😂 🤣

Nows the time to get in and it..

All of our platforms that we are active on, accumulating stake, with real world use case, its beautiful. There is so much upside and potential to all of them and a lot to look forward to coming up.

All relatively new chains and theyre all on sale right now. Look at WAX, SMOKE, WLS, EOS..... when all of the non-DPoS projects are losing transactions per day and we are all gaining members and transactions....time to fill up those bags. #DPOSftw


Yeeeeesssssss! Preach the gospel. Most DPoS projects are awesome and worth working on, even the joy in, and other decentralized social media are of no count. You play (post, comment) and earn which we all normally do for free. Now we can do them and earn. Even if one have no money to put into the dip markets this is a great opportunity I think. Thanks for the heads up boss. 😀

Come to think of it it's time to buy more but no spare money, I need to hustle for more money to buy now that price is low'


Seriously Bro, dip always happens to the time when one will not be able to buy more in market. All will be well though. We are still early adopter ;) and that the joy if it.