@Swagger Discord Upvote Bot Now Working on Smoke!

9 months ago

A Blockchain Centric Discord Bot.

Smoke and Swag

@swagger is an upvote bot for the Smoke Network and can be used through the Discord App.

This upvote bot is intended to help Smoke Discord communities grow and also help those that aren't getting noticed.

For the time being, you can upvote with @swagger will just have the basic feature of upvoting with no registration required. That and other features will be added in later updates.

Join the Smart Media Group Discord, Promote your Smoke posts, and use @swagger!


How to Use Swagger?

Just join a Discord server that has the @swagger bot or invite it to your server if you have permission, and type the command !upvote [URL] in the appropriate channel like so:

Note: If you use the wrong prefix, you'll get a reply letting you know if your post may have already been voted or using the wrong prefix.

How to Add Swagger Bot to a Discord Server?

Current commands for @swagger Discord bot.

!upvote [url] - upvote from bot; Smoke.io link.

*upvote [url] - upvote from bot; Steemit link.

^upvote [url] - upvote from bot; Scorum link.


Can I use it to vote for other's posts?


Can I use it to vote for comments?

EDIT: No. It was decided to not enable this to allow a more organic engagement in comments.

Is there a limit or wait time to use this bot?

Yes. There is a limit of 1 post every 30 seconds and no post age limit. This will be adjusted as usage and user base increases.

Why did I not get a response or an upvote?

The bot can be down for maintenance, updates, and node issues. Just have a little patience and things should be back to normal shortly.

From time to time, the bot will change cool-down times to recharge Vote Power.

Donations to @swagger are welcome 😊


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Awesome! Thanks for the review @smokehostel420 and @cheryldavis!

One question. How does this stop spammers from using this upvote system?


How has any social media platform stop spammers? They haven't. Only minimized it. Spammers will be here. With or without the bot. That is why we would need to implement a type of system similar to Steem's Resource Credits.

Edit: Additionally, as usage and spam increases, they will be rate limited from using the bot.


If no one done it before it doesn't mean we can't do anything about it. Maybe the bot can have some requirements. Such as a minimum reputation or something that will require more work for the spammers thus reducing the number of them abusing it.


Right. That will be implemented as required. The issue I saw in the beginning of Steem were new users joining, and since it being a new platform, were getting bashed for spamming. When many people have different definitions of spam and people had to learn a new platform, let alone crypto.

But registration requirements, blacklisting, etc will all come. Something I have to implement myself.


Okey thats cool, just wanted to know what the plan are for this bot. Thank you for clarifying!

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