You will never believe what Dash have done in Africa

2 years ago

Hello Smoke Network,

Am Ogunseye Oluwajuwon Micheal, a cryptocurrency evangelist, Cannabis decriminalization advocate in Nigeria.

My first experience with cryptocurrency was none other than the heavyweight; Bitcoin. Initially, I downloaded coinomi and simply monitored the price of bitcoin for a few weeks. I was skeptical at first, I was scared by the volatility coupled with the fact that i am in Nigeria where i don't make enough to have any extra cash. But still i bought BTC and i started to talk about cryptocurrency to everyone; my brother resides in Cananda and many times he send BTC to me so i can sell and give the money to my family since it is cheaper than western union money transfer fee.

Everything change 2017 Bitcoin blocks started to fill up. Transaction fees ran into the several dollars. Confirmations started to take hours. We latter started to pay almost close to 15-20$ as tx fee to get the money down here quickly until one of the days where we need to pay for my mum medical fee and the doctors refused to start operating her until they get 80% of the operation fee and my brother sent the money to my luno account which took two days before confirmation because he paid with 1$ tx fee. We had to burrow money and then pay for the doctors to start operating on her the next day. She died three week after that incident i still feel i caused it for introducing my brother to BTC as a better means of transaction i should have told him to use Dash. it was a very sad moment with me and my brother and i vowed never to use crypto for anything urgent.

Late 2017 i was just looking for different means to either mine crypto or any other form of making some coins. I knew we do not have 24 hours electricity in Nigeria so mining isn't an option but then i still had to ask in a telegram group where someone introduced me to Dash Shares, masternode, private send, instant send, Evolution, DAO, budget and proposal system i fell in love with dash instantly. Reading the white paper was just a direct reflection of the Satoshi vision.

I told him about the experience with BTC and he said, USE DASH instant Send! since then we have been buying and selling cars from Canada to Nigeria and we transact only in Dash. My Dad can easily get money for his drugs and with the instant send feature he receives money like Canada and Nigeria are just two different street.

I have been working full time as a dash advocate in Nigeria my work have been featured in cointelegraph and many others. I started up the first android application that can be used in Nigeria for payment of electrical bills, TV subscription, Mobile top-ups, Gift cards, micro transactions (which means anyone can send Dash from anywhere to a person who resides in Nigeria and he will receive the local fiat currency instantly) also we will be integrating new features like hotel, flight and train booking and payment in Dash. You can check it out

we also started up a savings platform for Dash called (MVP). Altsavings permits Dash users, farmers, teachers, traders to be able to save between 1% or max of 5% in dash and also being able to use their savings to buy up precious metals on and also receive passive interest using the platform

Other achievement:

Getting over 800 new Dash wallets to be created in Nigeria, a feat which was acknowledged by COINTELEGRAPH and CRYPTONA.CO with over 68,000 views and 400 shares on all social media:

Being the first group to speak about Dash at a Nigeria blockchain conference which was organized by Cryptography Development Initiative of Nigeria (CDIN), Blockchain Nigeria User Group, founded by Chimezie Chuta:

Hosting a Dash music and cultural festival with over 700 attendees where all music artists were paid in Dash and vendors sold their food and merchandise with Dash.

Introducing Dash to over 300 military personnel as a solution to the cross-border transaction limitation currently experienced in Nigeria:

Establishing the first ever grocery shop, boutique and a barber’s salon to accept Dash in Nigeria:

Other Dash Advocate Achievement:

Betty Place Restaurant is one of our merchant accepting DASH in Nyeri, Kenya and now making headline on BBC World News

First DASH payment Video from Africa using Anypay POS

I love the smoke network and will be writing about my Ultram withdrawal issues and how am using Cannabis to fight drug addiction in a country where drug addicts die almost everyday.

If you are a Nigerian kindly let me know at the comment space let exchange numbers and create a blaze in this country.

Peace Out


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This is friking awesome, had no idea it is that easy.

How many stores are operating this way and is there any other currency involved?


Yes other crypto currency are involve but have the highest numbers of merchant in the world.

check if there is any merchant near you via this link: